Where can I find the "Free the West memphis 3" t shirt with their actual faces on the entire front?

Q. It's the same shirt that Eddie Vedder wore on stage. I can not find it anywhere and it's the only shirt that I am interested in.

A. this link has the shirt with all three faces on the front @ 19.95


Where can I buy soft, thick cotton t-shirts like Eddie Bauer used to make?
Q. I used to buy nice, thick 100% cotton t-shirts at Eddie Bauer. Now the t-shirts Eddie Bauer sells are all made of cheap, thin cotton that doesn't look good. Where did other people who loved those old style t-shirts start buying their shirts after Eddie Bauer quit making nice ones?

A. I encountered a unique T-shirt online sales need to show the world its own uniqueness. Printed T-shirt stand out from the faceless crowd. You can take pictures, drawings, place and old style t-shirt it on their t-shirt.

To all you hunters- Where is a good place to buy nice quality flannel shirts?
Q. No Walmart or Kmart please- I don't shop there and there stuff is junk.

Where can I find really good quality flannel shirts that will hold up?

Thanks in advance, my father ask for flannel shirt for Christmas and I have no clue where to look. Even if you know a "good" brand name and it's a plus if it's made in America!

A. The have quality ones at L.L Bean, http://www.llbean.com/
And at Eddie Bauer, http://www.eddiebauer.com/home.jsp

Thw wife and I prefer Eddie Bauer clothing.

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