What are some ideas for a clothing line name?

Q. Line is for
11- 17 year olds.
Very bohemian-hippie fashion-like.
Accessories + Clothing.

Designer name : Nikki Ryan.

The name doesn't need to have her name. Preferably not, but if it helps you think of something then go ahead.


A. Nikki Ryan sounds like a proper designers name. So yeah. Use that.

What were some clothing, hair, and makeup styles for girls and teens in the EARLY 60's?
Q. I previously posted this question, but I was getting answers about HIPPIE fashions. I know about the hippie fashions.
I need answers about the styles in the Early 60's.

A. doe eyes (like twiggy style)

the bob.

Can you give me some ideas for a 60's outfit?
Q. I love hippie fashion but I don't have any ideas for an outfit. Can you help me?

A. Yeah, you should get like a plain type of cocktail dress. And if you have white sunglasses, that'd be a plus.
And maybe some white gogo boots.
So the ending result would look something like this:
You'll like the video too. :-)

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