Q. I am wondering how much money can you make by owning a dress store and selling dresses,gowns,beauty pageant dresses,prom dresses and wedding dresses like in the movie Jersey Couture?And can you make alot of money by selling dresses in California near Los Angeles area?Do i have to take fashion designing classes for this job?Thank you

A. Yes Take Classes
If your dresses are good and worth paying for then it would be successful like jersey couture

High price dress, gives you a bigger pay check!

Is boning a dress difficult?
Q. I have an idea for a dress in my head that I'd like to make for prom this year. However, I'm not very experienced with sewing... making my own dress would be kind of ambitious at my level but I don't think I'd find anything else like it in any old store. The design I have in my head may call for boning a dress. I appreciate any tips anyone can give me :) Thanks.

A. It is a little fussy and you need to have good control over your sewing machine. All you are doing is sewing two rows of stitching side by side in two layers of fabric to make a channel that the boning fabric fits into. If you are a careful and precise person who can follow directions and illustrations you might be able to make the dress if you can find a pattern that is exactly like the basic structure of what you are imagining. Honestly, it would be a challenge for someone with limited sewing skills, in part because the fabrics for formal dresses tend to be slippery, fragile and difficult and you will need to be very precise with linings and interfacings. I've been sewing for over 40 years and I have done a couple of such projects and they are not easy -- in fact they are among the most difficult to sew, especially if you don't own a dress form (one of those headless body things that you can adjust to your own measurements so you can fit and pin the bodice yourself.)

It might be simpler to either find a seamstress that you could pay to build most of the dress (perhaps you could make a deal where she would do the complex bodice and you could do such time consuming work as hemming the skirt or attaching any trims.) Or look for an "off the rack" dress, perhaps at a clearance outlet for bridesmaid dresses or samples, and then cut and modify it to make your own unique design.

Have you considered looking at shops that sell vintage clothing and gowns? Sometimes you can find some really elegant and unique dresses in those places that can be updated.

Another option, say if you are trying to make a strapless gown, is to buy a good strapless long line bra or bustier in the lingerie department and sew it inside the bodice of the gown -- instant boning and you will not have to fuss with fitting.

Looking for wedding dress designer, possibly Sophia Toya or similar name?
Q. I tried on a wedding dress which I loved today, and trying to find the designer online. I thought they told me it was from Sophia Toya or something similar, but I cannot find a website for the designer anywhere, so I may have got it wrong. I was wondering if anyone had any idea who I might be talking about? Apparently the designer used to design with Maggie Sottero before branching out on their own, or so I was told by the salesperson. Any help would be appreciated!

A. Could her name be Sophia Apostolides collection Sophia Tolli?

"After ten years as Head Designer at Maggie Sottero, Sophia Apostolides has created a new bridal collection, Sophia Tolli. With its unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional fit, the Sophia Tolli collection provides an array of gorgeous, show-stopping bridal gowns. A seamstress since her early teens, Sophia grew up surrounded by fabrics, sewing machines and dress patterns. Her aunt, a talented dressmaker, handmade a majority of Sophia's wardrobe and allowed Sophia to select her own fabrics. Sophia considers this early exposure to dressmaking as the base of her informal education in fashion design. Sophia developed a strong foundation in made-to-measure design by crafting custom prom, bridesmaid's dresses and bridal gowns in her teens. During college, Sophia challenged traditional sewing techniques and explored alternative methods of dressmaking. Her award-winning expertise in fit and construction is the result of both her childhood experiences and college education."

I hope this is it!!!

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