What size Diane Von Furstenberg dress should I get?

Q. What size Diane Von Furstenberg dress should I get? Apparently I'm cursed with slim hips, slim body everywhere except my breasts. I'm a 30DD. That's about a 35" chest. I heard DVF dresses are best for A and B cups. Is that right? I tried on a size 4 wrap dress but it was too tight in my chest. I don't know if a 6 or 8 would be best. I don't want it to be too big but I want it to fit comfortably.

A. you should go to the store and try them on. it is unlikely anyone your size is going to comment who tried those wrap dress on

Should I wear pantyhose or are they completely out?
Q. I'm going out to dinner and will be wearing a black diane von furstenberg wrap dress with black heels. I prefer bare legs, but since it is freezing I think I should wear hose. If I do wear hose, what kind should I wear? I'm thinking sheer black would be best.

A. Pantyhose are definitely in, more now than in a long time it seems. At least that's how it is here in New York. I think if you're wearing closed-toe black heels, that sheer black hose would PERFECTLY compliment the look you're describing. I think it would also up the level of elegance and distinction. I vote thumbs down to bare legs...save that for a summer party with a flowing floral dress and sandal heels.

Who makes the red wrap sweater-dress in the Chase Freedom commercial?
Q. I've seen this commercial for months, and I've been shopping for a wrap sweater-dress for months, and I haven't been able to find one even remotely as nice as the one in that commercial. I'm sure it's impossible to contact the ad agency and actually get an answer as to their wardrobe choice, so if anyone happens to know who makes it PLEASE let me know!

A. It looks kind of like Diane Von Furstenberg's Huelva Cashmere wrap dress. So, far I've only seen it in fuchsia and charcoal. I dunno if it's the same one, but it's pretty similar.


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