Why Do People Get Custom Tattoo Designs?

Every tattoo has its meaning and its own story to tell. Often, just by looking at a tattoo, you can quickly get an idea about a person. You can tell some of their beliefs, opinions, and aspirations in life. Tattoos are truly exceptional body art, and more people are deciding to get a custom tattoo that will get the attention of others and earn their appreciation and respect. So, why do people choose to have a custom tattoo design? Here are some reasons why:

More Meaningful. Many believe that custom tattoo designs are more meaningful than readily available tattoo designs. With custom made tattoos, you get to decide what pattern you like, the colors, how large your tattoo should be and everything else.

More Satisfaction. According to tattoo enthusiasts, getting tattooed with a design you customized yourself brings a greater feeling of satisfaction than investing in non-customized tattoo designs. It's good to feel satisfied every time you look at your tattoo. And since tattoos last for life, that could also mean that you will feel satisfied for the rest of your life.

More Freedom. When customizing your tattoo design, the decision on how your design should look is all yours. Of course, even with the help of an artist in making it look even more fantastic, you can still have a lot of freedom with regard to the designing and specifications of the tattoo. Your artist is only there for suggestion purposes, so the final decision is still in your hands.

More Pride. If you partake in customizing your dream tattoo design, you will be made even more proud with every glance at your tattoo.

Originality Counts for a Lot. When you look for designs online, you will realize that many designs are replicated even though the colors and patterns are modified from the original. You want an original piece of art because you know that the tattoo will be there for life, so why be like the others if you can stand out from the rest? Get yours done in an original way.

You're Unique. As we all know, no being is created exactly alike, be it in outside appearance, attitude, attributes and more. If you want to stand by this, you should get a custom tattoo design to keep that uniqueness.

Long-term Happiness. Rarely will you see people with non custom made tattoos remain happy with their tattoos, especially when they have had them done on the spur of the moment. It is the person who has taken part in the creation and designing of their tattoo that will feel happy about it for a long time. The more effort you make, the happier you will be.

Self-worth and Respect. Above all other reasons, getting a custom foot tattoo design can boost your self regard and appreciation. It can dramatically change your outlook on life and how you see yourself in terms of ability to think and act independently. All these can increase your self-respect and the way others respect you.

The reasons for getting a custom tattoo will be different from one case to another. The decision to get a tattoo, as well as what design or whether to customize it or not, is all yours.

Pros and Cons of Lower Back Tattoos

Women have a variety of reasons for getting tattoos, and the latest trend has found many women inspired to get tattoos on their lower back. Generally, these tattoos are either just below or slightly above the waistline, and it's become quite popular because of fashion trends with cropped tops and low cut jeans to display the work of art. There is obviously a lot of room for the custom tattoo artist to work, but one thing that needs to be considered before ever deciding on a tattoo in this area is what are the pros and cons of such tattoos, and then determine the best route.

Pros of Lower Back Tattoos

One of the biggest advantages for getting a tattoo on the lower back is that it's generally hidden by clothing - which is a great benefit for a woman working for an employer who doesn't allow visible tattoos on employees. It's hidden by day and comes out by night. Many people find tattoos in this area quite alluring and erotic, as well as it says the lady is adventurous, sensual, and sexy at the same time.

Another great reason for having a custom designed tattoo on this area is that it doesn't tend to sag and stretch with age, and this region rarely changes when people gain and lose weight. For most people the integrity of the design is maintained in this part of the back and it rarely changes.

Finally, there are some remarkable designs that can be created by tattoo designers that fit beautifully across this area; and with such a large area to work with, the area is conducive to some exceptional designs

Cons of Lower Back Tattoos

Most people think that the joy in having a tattoo is being able to "SEE" the tattoo. One of the main disadvantages of having one on the lower back is that the owner of the tattoo can never see ii without a mirror. So for those who want to admire the beautiful work of the tattoo artist, get it someplace other than the lower back.

Another disadvantage of lower back tattoos is that because of their location they are more susceptible.to scratches and scrapes from the constant friction of the clothes rubbing against the skin - particularly when it's healing.

One last problem with these lower back designs is that they have become so popular with young women, that they are not as unique as they were a few years ago. When everyone has them, the design has to really be a major eye-catcher and pop before anyone really notices the design. When there are hundred on the beach above the bikini bottoms, it's rare that any catch someone's attention.

Lots of Options

When people want to really have a large space for the tattoo designer to work, there are lots of options for some great designs on the lower back. Regardless of the personal reason for getting the tattoo to begin with, just remember to consider what are the pros and cons of lower back tattoos before ever deciding to get the ink started.

What size pointe ballet (toe) shoes should I purchase?

Q. My daughter wears a 37 EUR shoe. I am clueless as to what size pointe ballet shoes to purchase. Any advice?

A. You should take your daughter to a local dance wear store and get fitted by an expert. Pointe shoes aren't something you can just pick up and have them fit. Check out these articles about foot shape and types of pointe shoes to learn more.


Where On the Internet can I get Black Pointe Ballet Shoes?
Q. I've been lookin for a while for some Pointe Ballet Shoes in Black. But all I keep finding is the pink ones. If you find any black ones let me know plz and thank you!!!:)

A. Try Bloch's website or Capiseo's. you can always go to ebay.
Answer mine?

Could i buy Pointe ballet shoes for prom even if i dont do ballet?
Q. I want to wear Pointe ballet shoes for prom and I'm not a ballet dancer. If i could wear them, would they be uncomfortable to my toes bc im not a dancer?? Please help!!

A. They are very classy and cute...plus if you're into fashion, you may know that pointe shoes are very trendy this coming year. I dont know if they are comfortable or not (i know dancers complain alot and get blisters, calluses, etc...fun fun!) My sister does point and I know they are very stiff. An alternative would be the ballet flat version found at Nordstroms or somewhere else.

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Is renewing vows the dumbest act a couple can do ?

Q. I would never have a second wedding day to renew vows. Whoever thought of this waste of time, money, and energy ? I cannot believe the number of couples that go through basically what amounts to a second wedding day. The dress, tuxedo, church ceremony, the expense and the stress of a vow renewal ? The only people that benefit are the businesses that cater to weddings. I would NEVER go through this circus for a second time.....!

A. Franco i never understood this either ?
If you are still together
Why feel the need to do it again
The mere fact that you are a couple say,s it all ?
I said till death us do part 30 years ago
Why should i tell him again ?

The difference use of words between Americans and British English?
Q. Please give me some words, which refer to the same thing, preferred by Americans and the British. For example, is autumn more often used than fall in the UK? Thanks!

A. English varies from country to country and even region to region in one country (ie southern U.S and northern U.S.). I can't think of many examples in USA at the moment, but one that comes to mind is soda and pop... and some people call all soda/pop Coke.

British English to American English:

Accumulator (automotive) = battery, car battery
Alsatian (dog) = German shepherd
Articulated lorry = tractor-trailer (truck), a "semi"
A$s = donkey; U.S. ass = G.B. "arse," i.e. one's backside (in addition to normal "donkey")
Athletics (an ... meet) = track and field
Bank holiday = holiday
Bap = bun, hamburger bun, hamburger roll
Mrs. Beeton = Fanny Farmer (standard cooking, household reference book)
Bilberry = blueberry
"Bird" = "chick"
Biro = Papermate (ball-point pen trade name which equals "generic" name)
Biscuit = cookie (U.S. "biscuit" is a baked bread, "bap," "scone"
Blancmange = vanilla pudding
Boiler suit = overalls
Braces = suspenders; U.S. suspenders = G.B. garters, stocking fasteners
Brambleberry = blackberry
Caretaker (for a building) = janitor (not same as "vahtimestari")
Carriage (railway) = railroad car, subway car
Carrier bag = shopping bag
Central reservation = median strip (between halves of a divided highway)
Charge sheet = police record
Chemist (drugstore) = druggist
Chips = french fries; U.S. chips often = dried buffalo, cow dung (other cases, i.e. poker chips, wood chips, the same)
Chucker-out = bouncer (doorman or "enforcer" in a bar/restaurant
"In the City" = "on Wall Street" (in main financial district)
City editor = financial editor; U.S. city editor = G.B. "community news editor"
Cloakroom = toilet; U.S. cloakroom = clothes closet, garment storage area
Coach = intercity bus
Combinations = union suit (colloquial for long underwear)
Comforter = scarf; U.S. comforter = heavy quilt, blanket
Compére = Master of ceremonies, M.C. (of TV game show, etc.)
Constable = (police) officer
"To cop" = "to get" something unpleasant, i.e. "to cop a 15-pound fine." U.S. "to cop" = to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to avoid prosecution & probable conviction on a more serious charge ("to cop a plea" = "plea-bargaining")
Corn = all grain crops; U.S. corn = G.B. "maize" only.
Costermonger = pushcart seller
(Sent to) Coventry = ostracized
Crisps = potato chips
Cupboard = closet; U.S. closet = G.B. w.c., or toilet
Davenport = antique folding writing desk; U.S. davenport = large sofa, often which folds out into a bed at night.
Deposit account = savings account
Dinner jacket = tuxedo ("black tie" formal dress)
Dormitory = bedroom; U.S. dormitory = G.B. residence hall
Dresser = kitchen sideboard; U.S. dresser = bedroom drawers, vanity
"Duck" = "goose egg" (a zero on the scoreboard of a sports match)
Dumb = mute; U.S. dumb usually means "stupid" rather than "mute," which is a secondary meaning in U.S. usage.
Dustbin = garbage can, ashcan (exterior waste-disposal unit)
Dynamo (automotive) = generator (within automobile engine)
Earth wire = ground wire (in electricity, electronics)
Elastic band = rubber band
To Enjoin = to compel, to legally force; U.S. enjoin = to legally forbid â i.e. same term in same general contextual usage has precisely the opposite meaning
Ex-serviceman = veteran; U.S. veteran = G.B. old ex-serviceman; (U.S. term has no special age connotation, only that the person have had prior military experience sometime)
Fag = (a) cigarette; (b) public-school underclass "servant"; U.S. fag = low-slang term for male homosexual.
Fanny = vagina (vulgar usage); U.S. fanny = light euphemism for "backside," either male or female.
First floor = second floor, etc. (Britain walks in ground floor, goes up 1 set of stairs to first floor; U.S. ground floor and first floor are the same.
Fish slice = pancake turner, spatula (kitchen tool); U.S. spatula = G.B. tongue depressor (medical instrument)
Fitted carpet = wall-to-wall carpeting
Flan = pie, fruit pie
Flannel = washcloth; U.S. flannel = heavy warm cotton fabric; "flannels" would be long underwear made from such heavy warm fabric.
Flat = apartment; U.S. flat = tenement flat = poor-standard slum apartment.
Form (school) = grade [i.e. first form = first grade in school]
Garden = yard; U.S. garden = vegetable garden, fljower garden, i.e. area of special cultivation. U.S. yard = G.B. paved area (lorry yards)
Ladder = (in women's stockings" = a runner, a run
Lay-by = (beside a road) = a pull-off, a rest area.
Left-luggage office = check room, baggage check (room)
Level crossing = railroad crossing.
Lift = elevator
Lip balm = chapstick
Logic-chopping = splitting hairs, hair-splitting
Long jump (in athletics) = broad jump (in track and field)
Lorry = truck
Loud-hailer = bullhorn, amplified megaphone
Lucky dip = grab bag (children's party game or activity ...)

American English to Brit English:

Graham cracker = w

why is it important to present a positive image of yourself and your organisation?

A. Love it or hate it, we are living in the world of hypocrisy. The corporate and the politics world are the best example. So like it or not, wearing tuxedos and all are referred as someone smart, intelligent and poise. So dumb because I think what matter's is people's hearts, not how they look. Because in my experience, people with tuxedos were all hypocrites and work like stupid mice, while people with casual cloth or punksters were genuine and work well in a team.

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What type of present should I purchase for a christening?

Q. It is for my neice, I have never been to a christening before. Thanks!

A. I am going to a christening soon, and recently I got the little baby a keepsake box, its made of shiny metal and has a place to put a picture in!
Thing like that will do! But make sure they're not tacky (I.E. Twee teddies and ducks all over some cheap plastic)
Heres a list:
1.A plate with her name, weight and date/time of birth (or christening) on it, she'll feel really glad to have that in a few years time!
2.Clothes, nice dresses/hats/shoes etc
3. A musical insturment!
Hope this helps, also a scrapbook might be a nice idea!

Where can i find a website with pictures of couples like the kissing sailor and other old pictures?
Q. Im looking for pictures of couples from a long time ago like the 40's to 70's of couples. They dont have to be famous pictures or anything just of couples in love or something,

A. try something like http://www.allposters.com -i typed in 'sailor kiss' and a couple came up, so you can probably find more that you'd like :)

Where online can I find christening favors?
Q. I'm looking for a place online to find christening favors. Can anyone help me? I need somewhere with some very cute christening favors! Advice?

A. I wanted to give my guests something unique as a christening favor and actually opted for two different favors. The guests had a choice of which one they wanted. I went with a company called Stork Candles. I spoke with the owner and she was able to help me decide on the baby food jar candles and the personalized sachets. She was able to take my daughters picture and use it on the personalized sachets and they turned out wonderful! The guests loved the favors and they made a great display on the table.

If you order, tell her Jessica Web sent you!

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What is your BOTTLE FED 6 month olds feeding schedule like?

Q. I just switched from nursing exclusively to bottle feeding my daughter. I really dont know how much to offer in a bottle and how often to offer it since she was nursing on demand for the last 6 months. I was giving her cereal in the AM and PM when I was nursing her but I stopped over the last 4 days to get her used to the nipple change.

What is your 6 month old baby's feeding schedule? Do you also feed him/her cereal and how much how often?

A. 6:30am - wake up - 7oz bottle
9:30am - cereal, 1/2 jar fruit, 5oz bottle
12:30pm - 7oz bottle
3:00pm - 7oz bottle
5:00pm - 1/2 jar fruit, 1 jar veggie
7-8:00pm - 7oz bottle, bedtime. (sleeps through the night until 6:30ish)

What should I feed my 6 month old bunnies?
Q. They are both 8 weeks to 6 months old (One of them is younger,)
I have pallets I feel them, but what else should I be feeding them? Thanks. (:
Oh, and can they eat full sized baby carrots..?
Can I feed my eight week old Bermuda hay? (:

A. You can feed the 6 month old rabbit unlimited grass hay like timothy, oat, orchard or bluegrass. 1/2 cup of plain timothy based pellets, no corn, seeds or colorful pieces.
At least 2 cups of veggies every day. Introduce veggies slowly or it will get diarrhea.

You can feed the 8 week old one a grass hay and alfalfa hay. Unlimited alfalfa based pellets. You can feed it a few veggies but not that many until its 3 months old. When it is 6 months old you can feed it the same thing as your other bunny.

Yes they can have carrots but not too often. Here's a veggies list.

How many ounces formula does your 6 month old drink in a day?
Q. My baby boy is almost 6 months old, and he drinks 27-30oz a day, he sleeps through the night, no feeding, I'm just wondering is this a normal amount? Should I expect it to stay the same when he starts eating? (I just started him on rice cereal this week) first time mommy and I'm just not sure what to expect. And once they start eating, how often do you introduce new foods?

A. Solid foods should supplement milk, so milk should always be the number 1 food for your baby until he's fully weaned within the next 3-6 months or more. I did cereal in the morning and evening before she went to bed. Increase the quantity gradually. You can also do stage one baby vegetables and fruits 2-3 times during the day. Baby peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, prunes, applesauce are some examples. Every time you introduce anything other than milk, make sure you give your baby some water to help digestion, clean her gums and prevent constipation.
My baby mostly breastfeeds her milk, but when she takes it from a bottle, its anything from 3-7 oz. I feed on demand so whenever she's hungry she eats something, mostly milk. As long as your baby is healthy and gaining the right amount of weight, keep doing what you are doing.

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What do you do if someone craps in your yard?

Q. This evening, my fiance and I noticed something white along the edge of our backyard towards the street, we came upon a pair of white socks covering a pile of human waste. Which I have to say is a first for me, that is about the lowest any person can go is to take a dump in someone's yard. Any advice on what to do?

A. Maybe you can report it to the police as vandalism.

How do I remove grease / vaseline stains from wall???
Q. My daughter took my wife's rubber socks, covered with stuff used to soften feet (that includes vaseline) and stuck them on the wall in several places. I'm afraid to use something on them for fear it will make the wall worse. How can we remove these stains?
Boy did I not realize how odd this sounds until I read it again. I beg those of you who think I'm making this up to type "Gel Socks" into ebay. These are stupid Bath and Body Works socks that you line with some stinky skin softener and wear overnight. If only my life were that interesting.

A. Magic Eraser OR Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (tough on stains but won't destroy the colouring of the wall).

Why do my right hand and feet get unbearably cold?
Q. Both my right hand and my feet get EXTREMELY cold. I've tried nearly everything to warm them up, especially with my feet. Sometimes I have to wear more than one pair of socks. Covering them up with a blanket barely helps. Same thing with my right hand, sometimes I have to wear gloves inside the house, but it's still cold. It's been going on for about a year now, and I'm not sure what's going on.

A. Possible Causes of Cold Hands & Feet:

Allergies: Chronic allergies either to foods you eat on a regular basis or an environmental allergy that you're unaware of can perpetually sustain a reaction which causes lowered blood pressure & constantly cold hands and feet. Also:

â¢Cold weather
â¢Raynaud's phenomenon
â¢Circulatory disorders
â¢Meningococcal disease
â¢Sjogren's syndrome
â¢Blood circulation problems

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