How many pairs of colored socks do you own?

Q. I just noticed I don't own one pair of plain white socks! All my socks are either colored ankle socks ( striped, polka dots, glitter etc) or long fuzzy colored socks!
And all the pairs I have are different!

A. i have nooo idea :) but i have all colors!! :D

What color socks should I wear with black clogs?
Q. I bought these cute pair of black faux fur and suede clogs but I don't know what color socks to wear with them. It gets cold wear I live so I'd definitely want to wear socks with them. I was just going to wear black because I thought my usual white would look a bit odd. What do you think?

A. Black or patterned socks would look cool.

What color socks can I wear with blue jeans and white sneakers?
Q. My sneakers have a white base, but are mostly covered in a gray and light blue design.

What color socks besides white can I wear with blue jeans (both medium blue and dark blue)? Can I go with darker colors like brown or navy blue? Should I stick with white?
This is for wearing in the winter time (cold and snowy), so I need crew cut socks at least in length.

A. I know I'm in the tiny minority, but I really can't stand ankle or anklet socks. Anyhow, to answer your question: if your jeans are long and generally don't show your sock or show just a little, then have fun with your socks! It won't matter what you wear, just wear what makes you happy. If your looking for warm thinner socks, look at Smart Wool brand. They're a little pricey, but they are very warm wool socks that are almost as thin as a pair of cotton socks.

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