What do you think about wearing a sleveless sweater vest witha suit/shirt/tie combo?

Q. I'm going to a semi-formal/wannabe hip New Year's event, where it's a jacket and tie type of thing for the guys.

I was thinking about adding a sleeveless v-neck sweater to the mix though. Any thoughts as to whether this is a good look or not?


A. personally i'm all for it. I think it'll look great

What is the difference between waistcoat and a vest?
Q. I was reading Alice in Wonderland (Parragon Publishing). And instead of using the word waist-coat in in my book version, it said vest. So what's the difference. please answer quickly.

A. The term "vest" refers to many things, for example, a life-saving swimming accessory, a fashionable addition to a person's outfit or a warming layer worn in cold climates. According to the Etymology Dictionary, the word "vest" was first referenced in the 1610s, as a loose outer garment worn by men in Eastern countries or in ancient times. The sleeveless garment worn by men beneath a coat was introduced by Charles II.

A waistcoat is, in fact, identical to a vest in appearance. It may be worn as part of a man's suit and in evening or day wear; the uniform typical of clergy members includes an article that is classified as a waistcoat. Dating back to the 1600s, this piece of clothing has a history rich in brushes with royalty, including Charles II. Worn by both men and women initially, waistcoats became primarily worn by men in the 20th century.

When comparing vests and waistcoats, the difference comes down to dialect and language. The British refer to the garment as a waistcoat; Americans use vest to meant waistcoat.

What clothes are fine to wearing working in a food shop?
Q. Hi Im going to be working in a shop handling food and serving drinks - is there any rules against wearing a sleeveless vest top ir is this ok?please let me know, thanks!

A. It's completely up to the management of the establishment. I personally would require that you wear a blouse with sleeves. The people who run Hooters have their servers wear shorts and T-shirts.

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