Is it slutty to wear a short dress to prom?

Q. I don't want to come off as a slut, but would it look slutty if I wore a short dress to prom? It's strapless and goes to my knees. I just cannot stand long dresses, especially if I'll be out all night. They're too much of a hassle.

A. OFCOURSE NOT! Around here, almost everyone wears a short dress to prom. I HATE long dresses too so I know where you're coming from. And it's up to your knees so that's not even that short! Have fun(:

For what occasion is a long formal dress appropriate?
Q. I found a prom dress that is beautiful but I feel that $130 is a bit much. (Though I know that is average for dresses these days) I had a special time at prom last year, so I don't want to purchase a dress 'just for the special night'. For what other occasions would a long formal dress be appropriate?

A. These days there are very few occasions that call for a long dress. I'd like to suggest that you evaluate the dress to see if could be shortened. That way, you may be able to use it again... even maybe have a shawl or short jacket made from the bottom.

What do women wear in March to an evening church wedding in Buenos Aires followed by an all night party?
Q. For example, can you wear red or bold colors? Can you wear stockings or is it too hot? Can you wear long dresses or are only knee length and above appropriate? Hope you can help. Thank you in advance!

A. mmm... depends a lot on the wedding.

Generally, for evening weddings long dresses are more common, but knee length (not shorter) are not that weird in March. You asked about the church, but the important part is the place where the reception is held. Is it a luxury hotel or is it a small reception at home? That will tell you the level of formality and elegance that you need.

If you cannot ask the bride, I would suggest a black long dress because it's better to look too discreet than too ... sorry, I can't think of a word, too "flamboyant"? Think it as if you were going to the opera.

March is not that hot, so probably you can wear stockings.

And bear in mind that wedding parties are very long (generally, they finish at 6 am) and you will probably dance a lot.

And my final tip, take a shawl or something like that because, usually, when you stop to eat, you really feel the air-conditioning at the table.

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