What makeup would you use for being a butterfly for Halloween?

Q. For Halloween, I'm being a butterfly, and I need help finding makeup to use. I want bright and bold colors. HELP?

A. well it depends on the color of your dress
last year i was a butterfly
i used sticker gems on one side of my face and my dress was baby pink so i had baby pink eyeshadow with a hit of white

What will you dress up as for Halloween this year?
Q. What are you planning on dressing up as this year?

What is your perfect costume, if you could afford it?

A. this is the first year i haven't figured it out yet.
i saw a tinkerbell outfit for my papillon that looked perfect for her. if i get it i might fix a snead costume.
was thinking of making her a butterfly and i would be a collector with a big net.

What colour of shoes go with orange and brown dress and accessories?
Q. I have a brown short gown that have orange circle patterns. I''m planning to wear it with plain orange pantyhose buh i dont know which shoe to wear. I have a white flat shoes with a brown butterfly on it,,,,and i have a silver high heeled shoe. Help please?

A. White flat shoes with the brown butterfly. Silver would clash with the dress.

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