I have a problem with cutter ants. Is there any natural way?

Q. to eradicate them? I've tried coffee grounds,baby powder,torching them and nothing has worked. If i have to use a pesticide which is the least poisonous? I have alot of tree frogs on my property and cats roaming around. When i come with the torch you should see them bail off the plants quick.

A. I have found that the only way you stop leaf cutters is to locate their nest in the ground and poison the whole nest. In order not to affect your frogs and cats just pour the liquid poison of your choice directly down the hole/holes, then check it in another day or two. If there are still signs of activity, poison them again. Check "control of leaf cutter ants" on the web there are hundreds of products and suggestions available to help you.

What are some inexpensive sandwich fillings for a baby shower?
Q. I plan to cut them out into shapes using cookie cutters (ie: flower, butterfly, heart, etc.) There will be over 25 guest, and I would like to keep this budget friendly. Thanks for your ideas!

A. egg salad
cream cheese & cucumber
cheese & lettuce
chicken salad

Why do most people have baby showers when the mother is still pregnant?
Q. That doesn't make any sense to me. I think it would be better to have it after the baby is born. Having it while the mom is still pregnant is a bad idea because they might not know the gender of the baby, they won't know the size of it, and no one can hold it. Also, if something goes wrong during childbirth, the mother would probably feel really bad about having the shower if she loses her baby. What do you think?
@jggb - No, as I am a guy I have never given birth.

A. If you decide to have a shower after the baby is born, then it would really be a hassle. It takes weeks, sometimes a couple months before the mom feels like going anywhere or doing anything. By that time, she would have had to buy everything she needed for the baby. And a shower is to get things you need for the baby BEFORE the baby needs it.

Usually, they have a shower late in the pregnancy. They already know the sex. Even if they didn't know the sex, that doesn't mean you can't get an appropriate gift. Baby blankets, crib sheets, diapers, etc. There are all kinds of things that every baby needs, regardless of being a boy or girl. Size doesn't really limit your buying options either. Most people get diapers that a bigger baby would use, and they get clothes for an older baby too.

The shower isn't for other people, it's for the parents. There are a TON of things you need to buy if you are a first time parent. Having a shower lessens the burden of having to buy all that stuff.

If the mother lost the baby in childbirth, she probably wouldn't feel bad about having the shower. She would feel bad about her baby dying. For parents that lose a child in childbirth, the real knife cutter is coming home to an empty nursery and having to put all the things away that they had expected to use for the new baby. They wouldn't feel bad about the shower because of the death of the child.

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