How do I verify a dog's papers belongs to a certain dog?

Q. I've never done this before. Do the papers come with a picture of the dog? If so I would think that should be enough to prove it. As long as the dog has distinguishing colors on it. I'm looking to adopt a pure breed German Shepherd puppy.

Thanks for your help all.

A. You asked 2 linked questions, but did so separately.

⢠"How much is a pure breed German Shepherd puppy worth without papers but whose parents has papers?"

About what an experienced registered breeder charges.
Much less than a con-artist asks for.
More than a pet buyer hopes for.
To me: Nothing - not since Caesar, for whom I paid $10 back in 1967. (He became a professional sheep drover.) After him I required stock that I could show, do obedience with, gain a Breed Survey Classification with, and breed from if it gained the necessary certificates. This is my current pup's pedigree, plus lots of photos of her ancestors and herself:

Ring the local rescue groups and the SPCA to find out what they charge for a vaccinated & neutered GSD pup (remember that buying from a BYBer or vendor you would have to pay for those yourself). Those groups rarely know the background of what they're caring for, so cannot offer papers, cannot offer any Guarantee.
Then find out what your vet would charge for the vaccinations plus neutering, and DEDUCT that from the rescue/SPCA fee. What's left is what an "unpapered pup" SHOULD be "worth", if buyers were better educated and more intelligent.

⢠"The guy trying to sell it for $300 without papers, but says its parents have papers. I'm guessing it's a rip-off."

So why are you wasting 2 questions of OUR time on it? Sensible people NEVER buy anything from a vendor they don't trust.

⢠"How do I verify a dog's papers belongs to a certain dog?"

In this situation, there are NO "papers". You either accept the pup without papers, or your go to a breeder that DOES provide legitimate registration papers plus a worthwhile printed & signed Guarantee stating the compensation should any genetic disorders emerge in the first few years.

When there ARE registration papers with your nation's one internationally recognised KC (if you're a Yank, that's the AKC - DEFINITELY not any of the rebel KCs such as the ARBA and Con.KC), you can pay that KC to have your pup's DNA compared with the stored samples of DNA from the alleged sire and the alleged dam. If Pup's DNA isn't a possible match with either of them, you will know that the pedigree is false. That particular DNA test is legally valid, and is used in Court where there is argument about whether babies have been swapped over or the alleged father disputes paternity.

⢠"Do the papers come with a picture of the dog? If so I would think that should be enough to prove it. As long as the dog has distinguishing colors on it."

Nope. And you obviously know nothing about breeds and genetics. Nor about coat development.
so that you can look in its Photos section at the Coat albums and see how various pups have CHANGED as they developed. Their colours stay the same, but the spread of the tan vs the spread of the dark area changes. And the quality/strength of the tan changes, with some pooches ending up silvery-cream by 3-3½ years old.

⢠"I'm looking to adopt a pure breed German Shepherd puppy."

Forget "pure breed" (should be "pure-bred"). The word has been made meaningless by ignorant BYBers, con-artists, puppy-millers, and over-zealous volunteers at rescue groups & SPCA kennels.
If you cannot afford the price charged by a reputable breeder of genuine GSDs, one who uses only stock that possess all these certificates:
and who provides a full set of "papers" including KC registration plus a worthwhile Guarantee,
then go to a rescue group or SPCA and accept that what LOOKS like a GSD might not BEHAVE like a GSD.

to your browser, so that you can easily look up all sorts of information about dogs, especially GSDs.

To discuss GSDs, join some groups such as

Linx - first pup in 1950; GSD breeder & trainer as of 1968

What background color does a twilight poster look best on?
Q. I am giving my room a makeover and I want it to be a light room but still look good with the twilight posters in it. I have five of the twilight posters (edward, edward and bella after almost accident, movie poster, what if i'm not a hero?, and cast) and they are all framed but I'm not sure if they would look good with a pink or orange background color... Any ideas or suggestions?

A. Well, I was going to say black but you wanted light.


Are the movie poster backgrounds, black or navy blue?

How about a light blue, with one navy blue wall? Paint the biggest wall the navy blue, to hang most of your posters on.

Or, silvery-blue?

Or dark green or purple?

Yeah, baby blue would look good I think. That is the only colour I can think of that would look good with those posters, save for the very first suggestion, which I have done, apart from the color scheme is lilac with one dark purple wall, and it has a paramore poster hanging on the dark wall.
Sorry, rambling here. Well, good luck. Why don't you get pieces of paper with the colors on or those sample labels with paint on, and hold it next to your poster to check for the best looking colour?

xxx GG

How do I obtain custody of my neices, who is 17 but has the mind of a 12yr old, baby?
Q. My neice has a lot of problems and doesn't seem to want to take care of her baby, who is a wonderfully happy baby, unless she feels like it which isn't very often! She would rather go and sneak out in the middle of the night to go to some guys house than to be at home with her baby! She is also a known runaway and she lies all the time and is also involved with CYS over numerous things.

A. You can petition Probate court for guardianship. You pay a nominal fee of about 100 bucks and you fill out some forms that are usually available online via your county's probate court site. A couple of the forms will require the 17 year old's custodial parent to notarize the documents that he/she is agreeable to the guardianship. You fill out your portion. You will also need her birth certificate and social security number. You then file your documents at Probate court and pay the fees. You will then sign an affadavit that is notorized there in the office authorizing them to do a criminal background check on yourself. You will be given a temp. paper or receipt so that you can register the 17 year old in school and the guardianship orders that are signed by the judge will be mailed to you. It is not necessary for you to go before a judge. The clerk handles this process and presents the completed documents to the judge for assessment and approval.
The guardianship of the 17 year old will automatically dissolve when she turns 18.
If she has the mind of a 12 year old then CYS should be taking both her and the baby into custody and placing them into foster care. Since they have not done so as yet indicates that they just view her as an irresponsible and immature parent. At best they may order her to take parenting classes while assigning her to a caseworker to over see her progress. The fact that she is a known runaway and a teen mother is a serious indication of problems in the home and this can be more closely investigated.

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