What seats are the best if I fly with 4 month old baby and husband?

Q. I'm to Lima with one stop in Miami (from New York) with my 4 month old baby and husband. What seats are the best on the airplane? It's american airlines.

A. I took my son to Florida once and was very lucky to get a seat infront of a wall where they put a kind of travel cot there, If they know you have a baby they may put you in a seat like I had.

How do you calm a teething 4-month old baby from crying?
Q. How do you calm a teething 4-month old baby from crying right at the point where he starts to scream his head off!?

A. Orajel really didn't help my son to much. And I wasn't a big fan on doping him up every 5 mins either but I found that if you nurse or bottle feed giving him a warm bottle would make his gums feel better. But if you do use Orajel the night time relief one last longer. A cold spoon or a spoon period that he could chew on helped out. But just try to relax and don't let your nerves get the best of you babies can always pick up when your stressed. My heart broke for my little guy too and he knew when I was upset bec. he was but when I was calm and just soothing him he seemed to calm down.

My 4 month old baby has little bumps kind of like a rash on her body, they are spreading all over her?
Q. I dont know what a 4 month old baby would do if she was itchy, because she cant scratch herself, although I have noticed that she has been moving to her sides all the time like she is frustrated, no fever, has anyone elses' baby gone through this I am just worried, I am planning on calling her dr first thing in the morning
and do drs give antibiotics to babies, do they give them anything for rashes?

A. it might be exzema, thts wht i have..lol i dont think thts how u spell it but its just rashes everywhere. The doctor will probably prescribe something. For now just use baby power or gentle lotion.

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