What are some good colleges for fashion merchandising and what are the requirements to get in?

Q. I want to work with fashion. I was thinking of being buyer for a store but im not sure exactly what I want to do yet. But to get into a good school for fashion what are the requirements? Like what grades do you need and are there certain classes or internships you need to get in? And also what are some good schools?

A. Most colleges that offer fashion merchandising are art/fashion institutes that require portfolios to get into.

That said, there are some "normal" colleges that offer good programs. If you are unsure of portfolio stuff-- Academy of Art University has a 100% admission rate and FIDM has a fairly simple portfolio.

Should i become a fashion desingner in the future?
Q. I am planning to become a fashion designer in the future. Is any one a fashion designer or knows somebody who is, and may give me some information on it, ex: how much you get, what courses should you take. etc...

thank you very much, you're time has been kindly apreciate.

A. http://www.fashion.net/howto/fashiondesigner/
i think it might help
do you have a polyvore account?
my user name is mimi33
add me if you do so i can see what kind of outfits you makee.

What are some realistic fashion designing softwares or games?
Q. So I am really into fashion designing, but I can never seem to find a realistic game or software! If anyone knows of any fun realistic designing softwares (free) I would really love the site or what it's called! Thnx!

A. http://virtual-fashion.en.softonic.com


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