What size pointe ballet (toe) shoes should I purchase?

Q. My daughter wears a 37 EUR shoe. I am clueless as to what size pointe ballet shoes to purchase. Any advice?

A. You should take your daughter to a local dance wear store and get fitted by an expert. Pointe shoes aren't something you can just pick up and have them fit. Check out these articles about foot shape and types of pointe shoes to learn more.


Where On the Internet can I get Black Pointe Ballet Shoes?
Q. I've been lookin for a while for some Pointe Ballet Shoes in Black. But all I keep finding is the pink ones. If you find any black ones let me know plz and thank you!!!:)

A. Try Bloch's website or Capiseo's. you can always go to ebay.
Answer mine?

Could i buy Pointe ballet shoes for prom even if i dont do ballet?
Q. I want to wear Pointe ballet shoes for prom and I'm not a ballet dancer. If i could wear them, would they be uncomfortable to my toes bc im not a dancer?? Please help!!

A. They are very classy and cute...plus if you're into fashion, you may know that pointe shoes are very trendy this coming year. I dont know if they are comfortable or not (i know dancers complain alot and get blisters, calluses, etc...fun fun!) My sister does point and I know they are very stiff. An alternative would be the ballet flat version found at Nordstroms or somewhere else.

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