What are some quick ideas for Halloween costumes.?

Q. I need some quick cheap and easy ways to make or find a Halloween costume for a teenager. And ideas for four teenagers in a group

A. I am doing the same thing with my 4 firends in a group!
we decided to be characters from alice in wonderland, so you guys should do something like that!

What are some good homemade Halloween costume ideas for a teenager?
Q. i'm a 15 year old girl and i really want to have a good costume to wear to school and a few other places. It can't be inappropriate cuz im wearing it to school, so no blood and things like that, and it needs to be simple but unique. I'm not a girly girl either so i don't want to go as a fairy or princess or anything like that. Hopefully something funny or different that i would only have to use things i could find in my house.

A. You could totally be a guy, or better, one of your guy friends(you would need to borrow their signature clothes).
Or a nerd
and since your not a girly girl it would be very unique for you to dress up as a cheerleader.
IDK thats all i got.

what are some good ideas for halloween costume for 4 female teenagers?
Q. im 13 and my 3 friends and i need some ideas for costumes! they have to be appropriate for school.

A. The fanta girls.. (Orange, Purple, Yellow, and Red)
They kind of dress like gogo girls.. very retro.. but on the upside you would be very recognizable and still be able to dress cute. Just find outfits entirely in the color you choose, white boots(shoes) if you can, maybe a white belt if it goes with what you choose.. and white headband. Basically White accessories.
Then to top off your look just go and buy a fanta for each of you in your colors.

Hope this helped.. Good Luck!

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