What do you wear at a thanksgiving dinner?

Q. Well, I live in Britan but my dad is American and next month we are going to chicago to meet our family for thansgiving, but I have no idea what to wear, I know this sounds stupid but its my first thanksgiving!
Thanks :)
Oh and its not an issue to contact my dad, he lives with me, my mum and brother.

A. Since Thanksgiving is pretty much the kick-off for the Christmas/Holiday season (Thanksgiving Day Parade is televised all morning..culminating with Santa Clause. Thanksgiving is when all of the twinkly holiday lights and decorations go up outside/inside peoples homes, throughout city streets, in the malls, etc. They start playing X-mas music on the radio.
Thanksgiving kicks off Christmas.

Some people start early and put their tree up on actual Thanksgiving~(ha)

In other words, people usually dress in a Holiday-ish manner. Some families dress for dinner (formally) but more often than not, people will wear a cozy red sweater, maybe a cute scarf and UGGs or similar. Maybe thick, flannel-lined leggings with little booties or boots and boot warmers..along with a cozy, fuzzy sweater..? A sweater-dress, leggings and flats..? Anything on those lines would be great.

Your relatives really just want to see YOU..and aren't worried about what you'll have on at all. Since everybody continues to shovel in the turkey, stuffing, pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc. etc..most people wear comfortable clothing that stretches. Matter of fact, yoga pants and a sweater would be cute (they're pretty stretchy).

Dress for comfort and in a colour that is pretty on you (red is always nice for Thanksgiving)..because you just know they aren't going to stop taking pictures since the whole family is together. Be prepared. Wear something cute, cozy, warm and that you look good in. Get some cherry/peppermint-flavoured Lip Smackers so you'll look rosy in family photos. Wash your hair with great smelling conditioner since everyone will be hugging you.

Thinking anything on these lines:

This would be perfect:

Red cute sweater, cushy boots:

Boot warmers/leg warmers:

Cute cozy slouchy sweater:

Holiday sweater and accessories:

Spirit hood:

Cute heart sweater, little flats and skinny jeans/cargos:

Blizzard in Chicago~snowflakes hurt the eyeballs~You Tube:

How Do I Prevent Roaches From Infesting my Luggage?
Q. I'm out of state visiting someone whom I just discovered has roaches, fruit flies & mice. I need to stay here for 3-6 more days...How can I keep them from getting in my luggage?

A. The roaches and fruit flies you probably won't have to worry about as much, because they are attracted to food. Just make sure your luggage doesn't have any food at all in it, and keep your stuff as far away from food as possible.

With mice you have a different issue--nesting. Mice apparently love to nest. How do I know this? I have a mice problem in my room, and I always keep my room clean, so I had no idea why they kept coming back. I killed some with traps, yet I always saw one or two. Finally, this afternoon I pulled my dresser aside. Behind some luggage of mine, there was a fallen pair of jeans and a shirt. The mice were NESTING in there and kept coming back there to rest and keep warm at night. There was mouse poop everywhere, it was so gross. They like the actual luggage too--somehow mouse poop got in there, too.

My advice? Hang up your clothes, if you can, and spray the inside of your luggage with peppermint oil. You should be fine!

what is a good drink mix that involves milk but not kahlua?
Q. i love to drink milk and want to try it in a drink. im not a coffee drinker so i dont think id like anything with kahlua in it all that much (such as a white russian) any ideas?

A. After Eighteen
Alaskan Polar Bear
Almond Amaretto Float
Atomic Orange Cream
Banana Berry
Banana Cream
Bananalyzer (yummy)
Bitches Tit
Blind Russian
Blue Downy
Brandy Milk Punch
Brandy Puff
Brown Cow
Bubble Gum
Bull's Milk
Butter Cream
Butterscotch Milk Punch
Campari Milkshake
Canadian Cocoa
Caribbean Bulldog
Caribbean Milk
Castillian Hot Chocolate
Chocolate Banana Fudgsicle
Chocolate Bomb
Chocolate Buzz
Chocolate Cappuccino
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Milkshake (has coffee liquer, though)
Chocolate Raspberry Delight
ChoozyMothers Milk
Coconut Milk
Cookies N Cream
Cotton Candy
Dead Grasshopper
Diablo de Blanco
Dickhead's Delight
Dirty Banana
Dirty Grandmother
Dirty Grasshopper
Dirty Snowball
Egg Cream
Fruit Loop
Fuzzy Bear
Gin Milk Punch
Golden Star
Gorilla Milk
Green Milkshake
Hard Icy Nipple
Healthy Eggnog
Hermie's Hard Neapolitan
Hershey Highway
Irish Cream Liquer
Irish Cream Special
Irish Mint
Italian Bulldog
JR's Godchild
Jamaican 10 Speed
Jean Gabin
Jedi Cocktail
Kahlua Butterball (coffee, butterscotch, milk- yummy)
Kahlua Fudge Shake (coffee liquer, fudge ice cream, milk, ice)
Kinky Orgasm (also has Kahlua)
Leprechaun's Lunch
Liquid Mintaero
Liquid After-Eight
Liquid Caramel
Malibu Jane
Mango Chimp
Milk Punch
Milk Shake 43
Milli Vanilli (Kahlua, Vanilla Schnapps, milk)
Milpsi (cola, milk)
Mint Chocolate Dream
Monk's Butt (this is one of my favorites!)
Monkey's Lunch
Mother Moo
Nagel Nectar
Night Cap
Nightcap (yes, they're different)
Peaches & Cream
Peanut Butter Cup
Peppermint Aztec
Peppermint Cream
Pink Heart
Pink Russian
Rum Milk Punch
Russian Qualude
Sensei on the Rocks
Sherry Milk Punch
Shotgun Lou
Silver Cloud
Snow Snake
Tan Nipple
The Gold, The Bad, and The Ugly
Tiger's Milk
Vanilla Creamsicle
Warm Woolly Sheep
Wet Pussy (raspberry liquer, Bailey's, milk)
Winter Breeze

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