What can you do with a shoebox, an unmatched sock, milk carton...?

Q. What is some different ways one can use for an umatched sock, shoebox, milk carton, toilet paper roll and coffee can/lid? Ex: Can use unmatched sock for covering your ipod/phone

A. sock:
cut off top and use it on your cold drink to absorb condensation and grip better

cut off top, pull ends under, stitch, makes great wrist sweat band, or
glue magnet to use to keep screws, nails, pins handy while working on project(not stainless steel)

milk carton:
1/2 gal plastic after clean and dry, cut in half top half w/lid screwed on makes a great scoop for pet food, cat litter, potting soil etc.
use bottom to start seeds or grow herbs (pebbles in bottom or poke drain holes)
or pencil holder

toilet paper rolls:
make your own christmas crackers!!!!
see sources below

coffee can lid: frisbee for small dog? ha-ha
christmas photo ornament--
cut old christmas card face to circle size slightly smaller than lid cut photo of friend/pet/relative to same glue one to either side and trim with ribbon, garland etc. pole hole for yarn etc. for hanger.

glue magnet to inside, glue photo or poem to top side, trim edge-- refrigerator art!

shoe box-- store coffee can lid ornaments for the rest of the year
use with cornmeal for drying flowers

can you tell i have kids and no money?
have a good life!!

Why do my legs itch after I take off my dress socks?
Q. After I've worn my dress socks all day, when I take them off at night, anywhere my socks were covering above my ankle itches copiously for several minutes, and I don't know why. I'm not allergic. My only guess right now is that the socks restrict blood flow to my legs slightly, and when I take off my socks, my brain tells me legs itch so that I will scratch them to restore blood flow. I'm not terribly confident on this, because scratching them doesn't really work. Any other ideas?

A. Most likely it's just skin irritation from having the elastic tight against your skin. Especially if you have hair on your legs. Happens to me when I take off socks too; I just rub them.

Where can I buy a Boston Red Sox phone cover?
Q. I've been trying to look for a Boston Red Sox phone cover but I can't find any. I've tried the mall and I couldn't find any there. If there are any web-sites or other stores you may have seen where they have the Boston Red Sox phone covers please let me know.

Thanks! :)

A. http://shop.mlb.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=3846984&cp=1452345.1452690

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