How is the shopping in Hamilton, Bermuda?

Q. We just booked a Bermuda cruise and hear that the shopping is really great in Bermuda. Thinking of splurging on a Louis Vuitton. Thanks.

A. You make out better buying a louis vuitton here in America. Bermuda is Expensive but its a beautiful place... My wife and I went there this past April 2012 and didn't buy anything due to the prices.. The Louis Vuitton store on Front Street is expensive. While going to a lot of stores I had to tell my wife "bring your a$$ out of this store". I know that we was on vacation but the prices were crazy. Our gas prices are dirt cheap compare to their gas prices.. We enjoyed the Beautiful houses,beaches and people. You can not rent cars in bermuda so we travel by scooter..The locals stare a lot because you arent from there so dont get offended by that because most of them are good people anyway if you rent a scooter while in bermuda, remember drive on the wrong side of street.

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I am taking a cruise to kingswarf,bermuda which will doc there for two days.where can i stay for one night ?
Q. low price hotels with beach near kingswarf,bermuda or closest location near by.

A. There is no such thing as a low priced beach hotel in Bermuda. Most beach hotels will cost in the range of $250 to 300 a night. Why spend that just to go to a beach that you can get to easily from the King Warf. Even if you found a guest house it would be no better than staying in your cabin on ship.

There is a bus and ferry stop right at the pier at the kingswarf (also called the Dockyard). You can buy a transportation pass for 3 days that will cost about $30 and will allow you unlimited use of the buses and the ferry. You can take the bus to the beaches in about 15 to 20 minutes from the dockyard. The bus stops of Elbow beach and Long bay beach are right at the top of the hill overlooking the beach. You can rent a chair and umbrella at the beach and they have a bathhouse for changing and a snack bar.

The transportation pass will allow you to use the ferry also and you can take it to the town of Hamilton, and back, from the dockyard.

My lawn has large areas that are dirt or weeds. What is the best and fastest way to get grass in these areas?
Q. The other grass we have is bermuda, which spreads easily. Transplanting spots of bermuda will work, but the bare areas are too large and if would take a lot of time.

A. The most inexpensive way is to rent a minitiller to get rid of weeds and loosen up bare soil,add weed and feed fertilizer then overseed with good topsoil and lots of water to germinate the seeds.The other way is also to rent the minitiller and then plant bermuda sod and water like crazy!

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