Why do english women call men's briefs knickers?


A. They don't. In Britain, men's briefs are generally reffered to as Y-fronts and boxers aren't popular with young people.

Although men's golf pants are sometimes refered to as knickers or plus-fours.

Which is it: Briefs boxers bikini, knickers or none?

A. Boxer Briefs

In my pants/knickers/boxers/briefs?
Q. You have to say the name pf the last song you listened to and write in my pants at the end for example... my sisters is...
Womanizer in my pants. (Britney Spears song)
Right round in my pants (Flo Rida and Kesha song)

Then Do a movie one whith the last movie you watched for example...
The Notebook in my knickers.

Get it?

well do one for the last song you listened to and the last movie you watched.

A. I Burn in my pants...
Revolver in my pants...
Awkward much?

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