lrg dead serious hoodies?

Q. Where can i find these lrg dead serious hoodies for cheap online

A. Don't really know what dead serious hoodies are ,but i did a search on and found some results perhaps you can get them there

Q. this is an issue i had for months
i want a size L for the hoody

but i dont know it will fit cuz sum people says it fits smaller than it is,im 15 and i might grow out out of it,
i need tips

A. They have these places called department stores. You go in and try on clothes. All types of clothing. If they fit and you like them you can buy them. If they don't fit you can try on larger or smaller sizes until you find something that does fit and is in the price range you want to pay. Why don't you visit one of these establishments.

Authentic LRG Dead Serious Hoody?
Q. I need help guys! Do you think this is real? I can't tell if it's authentic or not. =[ and I kinda needa to know before I bid it...Thanks!

A. it looks real, and if its not..its still pretty fly. =]

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