What is the best way to ship an xl leather jacket?

Q. It is rather large and heavy. If I box it what is the best material to wrap it in?

A. I would use either foam peanuts or tissue paper...=)

What is the best paint to use for a leather jacket?
Q. I am putting stencils on my leather jacket and want to know which type of paint is the best to use. I was told normal spraypaint works well, but I used it (Flat white Krylon) and it's already chipping, it's only been on for 3 days. Does gloss spray paint work better, or should I use a whole other type of paint?

A. Leather must be burned in. Use a leather burnishing tool and metallic foils. You can get everything from a hobby store.

What is the best way to clean a leather jacket?
Q. I want to clean my leather jacket myself instead of using a dry cleaner.

A. You need to use a good quality water based foam leather cleaner.
DO NOT use anything containing oils, waxes or silicones. (Most 'conditioners' contain waxes or oils so should not be used) and furniture polish (Pledge etc) contains silicones which will destroy the finish on the leather.

BABY WIPES are the worst thing you can use as they will destroy the finish on your leather. They are very strong alkiline cleaners to neutralise urine (acid) on babys skin so they are not the right thing to use on leather.

Saddle soap is too harsh to use on delicate leathers.

Fairy liquid contains more salt these days to get dishes clean and this will break the finish down on your leather. This has been verified by the manufacturers (as with the baby wipes).

You should also follow cleaning with a good water based leather protector which will act like a 'scotchgard' and inhibit dirt and stains from being absorbed and make cleaning easier the next time.

Dry leather needs rehydrating with water and oils and waxes should not be used as the natural oils do not dry out of leather. Wiping over with a damp cloth regularly will help to do this.

It is important to maintain a regular cleaning regime cleaning dirt off the surface regularly and inhibiting the absorption of body oils into the leather with a protector is the best way of doing this.

The alternative is a brand new product on the market called Lazy Leather. This is the latest technology in cleaning and combines an effective cleaner with a protector. It is quick and easy to use and should be used as a maintenance product once your suite has been cleaned or from new if you have just bought it.

Sadly even the professionals in the business these days are often misinformed.

Leather does NOT lose its natural oils. When hide is turned into leather it does not keep its natural oils from the cow,these are all removed and replaced during the retanning process with a carefully balanced formulation which then is permanent. LEATHER DOES NOT NEED CONDITIONING with oils and on some occassions if these are added will do more harm than good. What leather loses is its moisture and it is this that needs replacing.

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