how many days would it take to ship a "no b. itch a$s ness" tshirt to canada from the website?

Q. I want to buy one as a present, but I need to know that the shirt will be here before the birthday. Payment is through Paypal, which gives me no information on shipping details at all that I can find. The website itself also offers no 1-800 number or email address to contact and ask so I don't know what to do!

A. um like 5 or 6 days if they use the cheapest method of shipping then more like 10 days. if they use the most expensive way then 1 day

I need ideas on to how to decorate a tshirt for my kinder gr. daugther with the word "soon"I want it 2 b funny?

A. Mmmmm... how about something like: I'll be in college soon" or "College is coming soon" ?


"Coming soon to a university near you"

wht w'l b d reason when am undressing Tshirt its giving some sparks with little sound when it touches my body
Q. for the past 2 weeks iam observing that while i removing Tshirt its giving some short of sound and sparks while Tshirt touchs my skin,its like a small current spark.

A. It called static current, it is ommon.

this happens when u and ur colthe get charged up, this can happen due many reasons, u are near a very powerful power source, u have eaten somthing, preformed an exercisese, etc these are some of the causes.

when u get staticly charged the clothe u r wearing is oppositly charged usually the shirt, taking a bath and washing the clothe will remove this charge

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