Everything goes smoothly

Everything in my life, thank God, goes smoothly, after difficult periods and sometimes full of conflict and many disappointments, it seems that life, and smiles again after all 'good things always come back and get in the most unexpected moment 'and I can finally say I'm completely happy, I have to those who have always wanted to be around me to support me in bad times and be with me to enjoy the good, and above all, I can everything bad that sometimes lived converts to improve aspects that really matter in your surroundings.
we planted back in a time that is loaded with a sun and an atmosphere that I personally miss you so much when it's cold which invades every area of ​​our body however small, and thus brings as Over time, new trends or styles that can not miss in our day to day. Today I want to talk about a case like this, in particular, the makeup.

And this is one of the factors that change as the seasons go by, because when the warm weather arrives, everything is left behind and all that matters is to enhance the features most desired and certainly best to give a sensual lips and insisting especially a woman's eyes.
as you realize you have been able to see all the parades of the most important designers, for the most adventurous, the fluorescent colors in nail-lips-eyes flooded four months full of joy, love, adventure and dreams.

Most relevant proposals will be: fuchsia lips that stressed every last lip, looks bronze or metallic shades to give more light to your eyes, smokey eyes that not only provide depth, but also elegance, blue, red and green, to give a touch of acidity.
(many of these products you can find in the cosmetics brand L'Oreal Paris, in shadows, like lipstick and nail polish and even another brand that is personally adore MAC)

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Lorengan Ingus
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