What shoes should I wear with my footy pajamas?

Q. I'm going trick or treating and i'm wearing footy pajamas. What shoes should I wear with them? And how should I do my hair?

A. Pig tails.. maybe some adidas sandles?


Does anyone know where I can buy custom made footy pajamas?
Q. I need, preferably a website, but any place where I can buy footy pajamas sized for adults that can be custom made.

A. http://www.bigfeetpjs.com/

haha this question made me laugh :)

Where could i get dog footy pajamas for a reasonable price?
Q. I have a short hair chiuwawa (or how ever you spell it) and a pom ... i want to get footy pajamas for them cuz its starting to get cold... cut i dont want to spend $50 on 2 yards of fabric sewed together.... so were could i get somme.....
Ok i dont know why i put one down for the pom i dont want 1 for him so you are just wasting your time saying he doesnt need 1

A. You do realize that the Pomeranian is an ARCTIC breed with a double coat and if you put it in footie pajamas it is going to suffer greatly, right?

Even the Chihuahua (proper spelling) doesn't need freakin' FOOTIE PAJAMAS. Does anyone really think that's a good idea??? If the Chi gets cold, a simple dog sweater will be plenty.

Do they even MAKE footie pajamas for dogs??


Well, don't YOU have the attitude? YOU are the one that said you wanted them for the POM too, and then cop an attiture? I think SOMEone is a snotty little princess.

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