Stocking a 1gallon hawkeye aquaview plus tank?

Q. I need help on finding the right fish. Somebody once had about 10-15 rasboras and one black red-finned that to much? any help would be greatly can also give me other combos if you would like and if you do ill thank you a LOT!

A. You can't keep a group of rasboras or a shark in a 1 gallon tank. You can only keep one fish in a one gallon tank. I'd recommend a betta fish.

What's the difference/ characteristics between tri-x and plus-x film stock?

A. Other than the ISO being higher in the Tri-X emulsion, its actually a little thicker. The development times are different as well and I think that the target gamma for development is different too.

I no longer use either Plus-X or Tri-X. I use mostly High-speed IR film when I shoot black and white film although that will be changing soon when I convert my D100 to an IR only digital camera. I still shoot chromes from time to time as the occasion arises.

I'm planning to plus size my tire and wheel. My stock specs. is 185/60/15, any advise on what to replace?
Q. Please indicate the pros and cons on your suggested specs.
I'm planning to change it to 215/40/17 i did check in 1010tires the discrepancy in the overall diameter is only 0.13% and in speedometer reading only 0.126% too slow. Is it a good choice? If you have some suggestion pls. help me.

A. Neon, Escort ZX2 or Scion?

This is a tough OE size to plus size from. The classic choice though would be a +2 upgrade from P185/60R15 84T to 205/40R17 XL 84H (or any higher speed rating) on a 17x7 wheel. This is a very common small sport compact car upgrade with lots of tire choices available. Overall diameter of this package is almost identical to the OE tires which means there should be little to no change in speedometer and odometer accuracy. If you chose wheel offset correctly they should fit without interference as well. The one caveat is that due to the smaller air chamber of the 17-inch tire you will need to increase inflation pressure by 9 psi over what is recommended for the 15-inch tires in order to maintain proper load carrying capacity. Ride quality will of course suffer because of that, the heavier wheel and the reduced sidewall. There's no free lunch.

Appearance wise this setup should be exactly what you are after.

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