The 60's must have been marvellous to live in and enjoy , Music , Films , Fashion , Hippies everything seemed?

Q. so much more colourful even the dog poo was white which now seems to be a faded memory , my question is if one could go back to a particular time when would it be and for what reason ?, many thanks , cheerio .

A. If they say they remember the 60's, they weren't really there. We were all high, and fighting the government.

Was it just my High school or did the Hippie Fashion make a comeback in the 90's?
Q. I remember in the mid to late 90's everyone was listening to the grateful dead and wearing hippie like cloths. Was this everywhere or just my tiny town's style. They weren't true hippies because they weren't laid back they just kind of dressed liked them and didn't baith. A lot of them where kind of psycho it was really freaky looking back.

Also I remember Korn was huge. During my Sophmore and Junior year that was the only thing anyone listened too. I got really sick of them after the first six months.

A. grunge sort of had a less homeless-looking sidebar that was fairly hippie-ish.

Does any1 no the name to a store in fashion island w/ super cute girl indie hippie pastel color clothes-cheap!?
Q. there is alot of pastel colors super skinny jeans for like 30 bucks +
i went to this store a month ago and loved all the clothes totally my style and alot of girls style, its cool because its pretty cheap they have satchel bags and just all this cute clothes

A. Probably Pac Sun, Delias, Or Hollister.

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