What is a good brand of denim jeans for a man?

Q. I always buy wrangler or levis and get mocked.
Help me be more trendy.

A. Levi's is best
diesel is stylish
GAP s great!

What brand of denim jeans for men are made thick ?
Q. Looking for mens faded distressed loose/boot cut but want the material to be "stiff".
All the jeans he looks at are thin material and do not hold their shape.What brands are "starched" that stay stiff ?

And that are no more than $70.00

A. The thickest at that price point at least in my experience come from American Eagle Outfitters. The darker washes are usually a bit more sturdy. Honestly though, good-looking jeans that are made with quality materials are gonna be expensive, because the cheap ones are either going to be made with less durable denim or are going to be super awful looking and on the racks at K-Mart.

Whats a good brand of jeans for men that you think won't go out of style for a while?
Q. I'm tired of buying jeans and them being out of style after a year. I bought so many true religion jeans when they were in style at $300 a pair and now no one in LA wears them. Please suggest a brand.

A. Seven For All Mankind or Joe's Jeans. Basically, if you want jeans that won't ever be out of trend, you have to buy jeans that aren't trendy. Those two brands are more classic than trendy, and therefore won't be out of style for a while.

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