Does anyone know of a place where I can find designer label children's clothes?

Q. I have 5 children and 2 grand children and to clothe them is killing me. I am looking for on line because I don't have the time to run around everywhere logging children with me.

Jeans- I suggest 7 For All Mankind
Shirts & Sweatshirts- Juicy Couture
Shoes- Juicy & Coach & UGGs
Accessories- Juicy

Are the Obama campaign bookkeepers scrambling to bury Michelle's shopping sprees for designer clothes?
Q. Paid for by the Obama Campaign?
They have got to be sweating like race horses just about now.

A. It's been released that Palin has spent 180K on her and her family's appearance - and that's just what they've allowed to get out. Keep in mind that although it seems that politics and fashion couldn't be more polar, many are influenced by appearances and neither candidate wants to lose out on votes because of an outfit.

What is all this new hype with young men's designer clothes?
Q. skulls and angel wings on all of the shirts made by Hurley and Billabong. When will the madness end?

A. Not as long as there men stupid enough to buy them at inflated prices.

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