Where can I find a full length (at least to the knee or longer) rain coat in Chicago?

Q. I need a raincoat, very much like the durable vinyl or rubber coats little girls used to wear. I need it full length, without a logo like for crossing guards or something, and in petite sizes. i have called some uniform companies, but they don't do petite, and Burlington didn't have anything at all. I checked online with some outdoor gear companies, but their coats are not full length and I don't want a poncho. Thanks!

A. If you are petite, it's possible that you can find the right coat in the girl's department.

Does anyone know what Cintas or other uniform companies use to wash their mechanics uniforms?
Q. My husband is a mechanic and he has been sending his uniforms off to get washed, they always come back spotless....I have recently started washing them at home and they still have grease stains! Please let me know if you know what they use, i have tried all those store stain lifters, none do the job.....Thanks!

A. My Aunt washes my uncles stuff in Dawn and a little laundry soap, and adds liquid fabric softner to the washer as well.
Does a double rinse (to be sure DAWN is out)

OOPS! works well, if you pretreat it, it only comes in little can's I think.

My boyfriend quit his job. His former employer is refusing to give him his final paycheck until?
Q. (he) his former employer returns the uniforms my boyfriend has to the uniform company. My boyfriend was issued 12 uniforms which we have (I was going to drop the uniforms off today). His normal payday is tomorrow (Friday). His former employer is saying he can't pick up his final paycheck until after Tuesday some time. I think this is illegal. I thought your employer had to (by law) give you your final paycheck on payday (which would be tomorrow)

Am I right?
He didn't sign anything. From what I've read on the internet it doesn't matter what an employee signs, state laws do not allow an employer to hold an employees paycheck past their normal payday.
His boss didn't hold his first weeks pay. He's a mechanic and this was just a local garage. His boss is in charge of payroll and everything else that goes with the business. If we turn in his uniforms tomorrow I don't see why his boss should be able to hold his paycheck.

A. CATLAW is batting 98% so far <GRIN> she is correct on this issue. Of course, if you really want to cause trouble tell your boyfriend to file suit with the Department of Labor then wait at the front door for the police to come with a warrant for his arrest on theft charges.

The uniforms go back and it's a done deal.

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