Is it fine to wash a military BDU that has patches sewn on?

Q. I have a military BDU which I have patched up with a large back patch and a couple ones on the shoulders. Its a metal jacket with band patches.

I took it paintballing and I want to wash it, I'm just wondering if machine washing will screw up the patches or anything.

The patches were sewn on with a machine so they're very tight.


A. Use a 40cels. wash and it will be fine.

Where is a cool place to shop for Goth & Rock clothing & things?
Q. Cool things like Leather pants,jackets band shirts cool jewelry & many other items that are Punk ? Do you have a web site or place you know of ?


Where can i find a denim jacket cut off vest?
Q. I want to make a punk jacket and put band patches on them its just i can't find a denim jacket vest anywhere. i've tried ebay no luck.

A. You could buy one like this:
but better still, find a cheap second-hand jacket, rip off the sleeves and do it up as much as you like.

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