What features do you look for when shopping for a leather dominatrix hood?

Q. When you buy a car, you follow a set of guidelines. What specific guidelines do you follow when shopping for a leather hood?

Tightness? Well lubricated zippers? Washable? Vented?

Poll: Leather Hood or "Pleather" Hood...Pleather is better than leather.

A. I just like being able to breath. As long as the nose holes match up, I'm ok.

what are some ways I can alter an oversized gray zipper hoodie?
Q. I have a gray zipper hoodie that is about two or three sizes to big...I don't really want to make it fit I just want ways to make it fun and kinda punk-ish
I really like bright colors and I have a lot of different kinds of fabric and a sewing machine but I don't have a dressform. anyway thanks!

A. Why not try to deconstruct the hoodie and sew the sleeves, pockets, hood back using different color threads. Or maybe you can cut holes in strategic spots and patch it from the inside with a different color material/fabric. If you have a bf, you can sew your initials on the front/back and make your own "A&F" hoodie. =)

does your ski jacket need a zipper that zips up from the bottom?
Q. I am planning a ski vcation and just wondering what type of jacket to buy. Some come with one zipper while others come with two, so you can zip the topp zipper and then loosen the bottom a bit...is this makeing sense?

A. I rotate between two "winter" jackets plus my spring jacket. The longer of the two "winter" jackets does have two zippers BECAUSE it is long and you often have to have the bottom zipper "open" to sit comfortably. Having one zipper doesn't really matter with the shorter jacket. The longer jacket with the two zippers I use in any conditions. The shorter jacket doesn't work as well for me when its snowing or when skiing deep powder.

EDIT: I also prefer a zip-off hood rather than an attached. Make sure the jacket is well pocketed. Maybe 4 exterior pockets (2 chest, 2 hand) and 2 or 3 inside pockets. An eyelet or other device to attach your lift ticket is good too. Armpit zip-vents come in handy as well.

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