How do you measure bra sizes? And where would be a good place to buy them?

Q. How do you measure bra sizes? And where would be a good place to buy them?
I'm 14 but I've always worn padded training bras... nothing with under-wire but I want to start now. Also my little sis who is 10 absolutely needs at least a training bra. Thanks!
OTHER than asking a store clerk to help me?

A. Here are a few websites that you canlearn how to check yourself from people who know, the last one you can order from places like Hot Topic etc..

Hope these help...........

What are some brands for a good quality, long lasting bra?
Q. I'm plus sized and I need a good quality underwire bra that won't wear out quickly. I find that the underwire eventually pokes through the fabric and comes out rendering it useless. Can you recommend any good brands? Thanks!

A. defintely got to recommend leading lady. i have some of their stuff and i'm really happy with it. i've never had a problem with their underwire (so far) and its the molded seamless, Style 5028 and i love it. definitely check that particular bra out at least. it comes in like 10 colors too

What kind of bra is good for larger breasts?
Q. I wear a 40 DD and I want a bra that can lift my somewhat saggy breast and give me nice cleavage, but also not cut into my skin or make lumps, but also doesn't break the bank or look like an old lady...any one have any suggestions?

A. Honestly, a padded sports bra will give you the best look! It offers support and in my experience, gives nice cleavage. My little sister is larger than I am in that area. She wears her normal bra that she'll get on sale, and adds a regular stretch sports bra. It's a great way to create cleavage!

For a padded sports bra, try this:

I bought mine at Walmart, but it's not on their website anymore. I'd go to Walmart and check for it.

For a regular bra/sports bra combo just use a normal bra and a normal sports bra like these:

=) Good luck.

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