What can I do to look better in long sleeves?

Q. It's not that I have fat arms or anything, but I am REALLY short waisted. I think I look really dumb in long sleeves. I really enjoy wearing sweaters, but people tell me they look strange on me. I don't know why though. I think it's a combination of my short waisted-ness and my narrow shoulders. So what can I do to look better in sweaters and other long sleeved shirts? Thanks!

A. you might want to make sure your sweaters are a petite size meaning for people under like 5'2" don't have it hang past your waist.. sometimes it is worth it to have items tailored..good luck and wear with confidence..:)

What do I need clothing wise for this school year?
Q. I want to know what I should get clothing wise for this year. I want a pretty basic wardrobe that I can easily mix and mash + layer. I am a petite girl and am going into high school. I am pretty girly.

A. Make sure you get things that you can use in many different outfit combinations. Layering is always fun!

I would suggest getting a good pair of jeans or two. A dark wash is always good to have, and is seasonal. Boot cut and flare jeans are coming back too, so if you like that style, I'd say go for it!

Easy to wear skirts and shorts are fun and can be girly. Floral and lace skirts are both comfortable and stylish. They also go with any basic tee, tank, tube top, long sleeved shirt, sweater... etc. Basic denim shorts are just as universal as a skirt! One of each will do if you want to get a variety of things. :)

For tops, I would suggest getting a few plain camis in a variety of colours so you can layer, or wear with anything. A floral, lace or "flowy" top can be used to dress things up. Different style sweaters will go great with anything. (Long sleves, quarter length, cropped, button down, wrap) and also different materials; light weight, wool, knitted etc.

Shoes are endless, so get whatever catches your eye! Headbands and scarves are in my mind the ultimate accessories. Wool scarves are great for the winter, and skinny headbands work on everyone.

This is optional, but a leather jacket, or a jean jeacket, are great for going back to school! So if you're that kind of person, check them out. :)

Have funn!!
Kate :)

What shirt should i wear with these jeans?
Q. What kind of shirt should i wear with bootcut jeans, skinny jeans, straight legs, and jeggings. And is there a type of shirt or jeans that make me look more 'petite' im not fat i am just big boned with liek broad shoulders and stuff. So yea please help. THanks guys :)

A. Bootcut - Avoid flowy tops because there are already flow in the leg, stick with fitted t's and tanks or a flannel top, v-neck's, etc.

Skinny Jeans- Try out a longer, flowing top that creates a leaner look for your legs.

Straight Legs- Put on a cardigan, it can be cropped over another fitted shirt, a pullover sweater, or a long button up cardigan.

Jeggings- One of those really long shirts or really short dresses that you can't decide what to do with often looks great with jeggings, just stay away from fitted short shirts and jeggings

Hope this helps :)

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