What are some websites where I could get some cool t shirts or clothes for men?

Q. Im a guy and Im just looking for web sites who sale t shirts.. I dont feel like digging in the search engine for them.

A. Zazzle.com do have all sorts of cool apparel and the fabric of the clothes is a very good quality. Here's some really cool t-shirt designs http://www.zazzle.com/mariagraphics/tshirts

I bought a FBI t-shirt on a trip to Washington with a class. I was wondering, is it illegal to wear in public?
Q. I have seen several people wear these but someone told me it's against the law. I, in no way, plan to impersonate a agent. I just think it's a cool shirt. So I was wondering, is it illegal to wear in public? The last thing I want to do is get in trouble over something like this. So I thought I would ask before I wore it anywhere.

A. Depends on how stupid your local law enforcement people are. The Los Angeles Police arrested a man for reading the Bill of Rights at a public rally, said he was spouting inflammatory and seditious propaganda and trying to cause a riot.

What should I do I got long and hairy armpitts and nosehair.?
Q. So if I wear these cool short sleeved t-shirts. they seem girly styled , nah just kidding. they are just these cool shirts but their sleeves aren't that long. so my hairy armpits are showing. you can see hair coming out of the shirt sleeve. haha.

also my nose hair will show unless i tuck the hair into the nose. so what can i do ladies. what products or what equipment should i use? or advice from men who groom too. i'll take any advise.

A. UMM its called some wax, shaver and shaving cream, or those little trimmers??witch generation do u live in???

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