What should I wear with a ruffle white cardigan?

Q. It's from Express but I can't find it on their website. It's white with small ruffles and it doesn't button or anything. I feel like the ruffles makes it too feminine to wear with just anything. Any recommendations?

A. strapless sundress

Where can I find a white Victorian ruffle blouse?
Q. I am the nanny in the upcoming ballet performance, the Nutcracker. I need to find a white Victorian style blouse that has ruffles. It has to long sleeved.
I have already checked my local stores and eBay, neither have what I'm looking for.

A. Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 should have those styles.
What is helpful is looking those stores up online before going in. It saves you some time. But it never hurts to hit the mall and shop around you never know what you can find. If you find a short sleeve victorian ruffled shirt you can always layer it with a cute mini cardigan sweater or something.
That would be cute! Right now I am sure that Forever 21 has those shirt in short sleeve so layer layer layer.
:) good luck with your performance.

Where can I find the grey ruffle sweater worn by Tasha from Bad Girls Club Season 7?
Q. in this episode Priscilla and Judi fight, which causes Priscilla to get sent home. I tried searching for the episode number but had no luck..I also tried to search for this cardigan on websites such as "seenon,con" but had no luck as well.

A. On my cable we have the on demand where you can see all the episodes from the Oxygen channel. I thought I did see a commercial where you could purchase things they have worn on the show.

I have to say this has been a lame season. Although Judi is quite annoying and stupid, without her the show would be really boring. None of these girls are "bad". They suck.

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