Where can I learn to make gowns?

Q. I want to make gowns. I need to learn how to sew. Where can I find a job doing sewing work so that i can develop my sewing skills?

A. You need to learn to sew first, then take a pattern making class and probably some others (like beading for example). Your local community college probably has fashion design classes, if not one nearby likely does.

Most stores that sell sewing machines also teach sewing but finding one that teaches the advanced skills like patternmaking and beading will be tough. You also need to learn about fabrics and their properties (stretch, drape, methods of cleaning, etc.)

You won't find a job that requires sewing that will hire you without that knowledge.

There are a number of excellent fashion design colleges but it sounds like that's more than what you're looking for, however some may let you take just the classes you want. Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City has extension classes open to anyone.

where to find the rhinestone bridal gloves by david tutera?
Q. On an episode of my fair wedding, David Tutera paired his wedding gown called the Audrey with matching gloves that were sheer and had rhinestones on the hand. I cant find anything remotely similar to this glove.

If you know where i can find something similar, please tell me!

A. http://www.finale.zoovy.com/product/3GLFE317/Stretch-Sheer-Sparkle-Tricot-12-Button-Length-with-Gathered-Hem-and-Rhinestone-Trim.html

I hope this helps!

How do you know how many yards you will need to purchase to sew a dress and nightgown, and some aprons?
Q. I'm making about 3 dresses, and a couple of (2) night gowns, and some (3) prairie aprons/garden aprons. How much fabric on estimate do I need/ How do you determine that? Is it on the sewing pattern somewhere?

A. Yes on the pattern package it will tell you everything you need to buy to make the garmet. It will say usually on the back of the pattern packet how much material you will need to make each garmet, usually it will have A, B or C etc if there is more than one style on the pattern. It should also tell you if you need any fastenings, interfacing ribbon, buttons etc.

It should also tell you what types of fabric's are most suitable for the style of garment you are making with the pattern, either fabric with or without stretch etc.

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