Can you name some teen clothing stores around these prices for me?

Q. T-shirt- $15 - $20
Jeans- $30 - $40
Dresses-$40 - $70

Doesn't have to be exact just in the ballpark

A. forever 21
urban planet
urban behavior
urban outfitters
blue notes
$ american eagle
$ aeropostale
$ mimi mcqueen

ones with a $ may be a lil overpriced!
- aeropostale hoodies are sometimes 30$
- blue notes jeans are very comfy
- mimi mcqueen has a lot of dresses
- american eagle have thin hoodies that are usually 30$ , good clearance but bad size , nice but see through / scoop neck cheap tees , so wear a tank under it (white/black)
- forever 21 has cheap shirts sometimes expensive jeans or silky clothing

How does the sizing of Common Projects dress shoes size compared to the Achilles model?
Q. I have a pair of common projects size 41 achilles white patent which fits nice, with a finger width space at the front. However, I could fit into a size 40 achilles, but it is tight at the width. So, what size should I get in a pair of Common Projects Dress shoes. 40 or 41?


A. they are very similar

Where can I find a Cheap party dress?
Q. My friend is having a huge birthday party that you are supposed to get pretty dressed up for. Where can i find a cheap party dress for $40 or less knee length or a little above the knee?

A. FOREVER 21!!!!!! GREAT adorable dresses there for about $ 25 :]]

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