Does the store American Eagle carry size 14 in jeans?

Q. I think I am a size 14 in jeans and I really want to know if American Eagle carries that size in jeans. I want jeans for short beacause I am short. Thanks 4 help please people help me! =] I also want to know up to what sizes do they carry in jeans in the store not online.
In juniors not kids!

A. Size 14, but they usually only get one or two pairs of 14s in store.

Online up to size 18 (I know you don't want to know that, but other people might).

Isthere any way I can make my jeans smaller?
Q. I lost weight over the summer and went from a size 14 Jean to a 9 but I have a pair of orange jeans that I love but when I wear them now they are so baggy. Is there anything I can do to make them fit better?

A. If they mean that much to you find someone to alter them for you. It will cost you a few bucks, but they will once again fit you.

How to only lose my belly and arm fat?
Q. 2 months ago, I used to be a huge blob with big boobs. I went from a size 14 jeans to an 8 and lost over 32 pounds. I still have the same bust size but my stomach and thighs are smaller. I'm starting to like my cup size (34D) and I like my legs/thighs! All I want now is thinner arms and a flat stomach. Anyway I can stop losing weight (or atleast not a lot of it) on my legs and chest and more on my stomach, arms, and back?

A. I would have to say a low carb diet! It is a fast way to lose some weight! I am on it and am very pleased with the results I only wanted to lose ten pounds and I lost more in about a 21/2 week period and you can definitely tell! For low carb you start out by eating 20g of carbs a day for 2 weeks. By just doing this it will shock your body and after three days you will be in a state of contoses. The state of contoses is where your body will run off the 20g of carbs and the already exsisting fat/carbs and burn them away! After 2 weeks of 20g you should go to 30g for another 2 weeks, 40g-2 weeks,50g 2 weeks.. Then drop back down to 20. It is a quick way I lost. You can get alot of carb helper foods, Just gotta look real good. & i hope you love meat cuz u cant have any bread unless its carb helper! and sweets are a no go unless you get low carb bryers ice cream! And you also can go to a pharmacy and get KETO STIX to see what level of contosis you are at! But u dont wanna be at the highest level even tho its where you burn more! Just be careful and you will like the results of this diet! it really helped my self confidence! :) Good luck :)


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