how do i make my jeans into cute cut off shorts?

Q. okay, well i have these pac sun jeans that are gray and theyre kind of baggy. i really want to make them into cute shorts- i know how to do that, but really want to make them kinda look destroyed and a little paint splattered like these shorts:
my jeans are exactly that color too.... any help please?

A. Well obviously cut them that length. Then either rub the edges with sandpaper or even pull out a few strands so they have that fray on the bottom. Or even wash them, because that will also make them fray. Then take either sandpaper or a sharp rock and rub where you want it to have the frayed patches. You can also put a piece of cardboard or something like that inside the shorts and put bleach spots on it if you want. A Q-Tip works quite well for this. And while you'll probably want to use those shorts as a guideline, don't make yours exactly the same! Have fun and make something unique!

Can you wear moccasin boots in the summer?
Q. I wanted to wear them with my denim skirt or the cut off short that are in this season. I live in the south so a lot of people wear cowboy boots but I need a break from those.

A. Absolutely! I own a pair of knee high Minnetonka moccasins and I love wearing them with skirts or shorts. It'a a great way to stand out. I would avoid wearing them on the hotter days though. like most boots, they can get hot. Also, make sure you're using suede protection spray. It's a lifesaver when those unexpected water splashes occur

What are some cute things i can do to my denim shorts?
Q. Well I cut them off from some jeans that were too short. And I wanna add some pizzazz to them. Any help or websites?

A. tie dying them, bleaching them or adding studs always looks great. this vid shows how to stud them :)

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