How do i stop my socks from stretching?

Q. My socks always stretch after a couple weeks and they become loose when i put them on. Any suggestions and tips on how to stop the stretching or lessen it?

A. Buy better socks, and also, if you buy really good socks - don't put them in the dryer, lay somewhere flat to dry,it only takes a couple of hours.

How to knit socks on one pair of circular needles?
Q. I'm tackling a pair of socks and I have one set of circular needle and the joining chord is very short, the needles themselves are meant for socks. Can anyone tell me a pattern or give me a link for one? Thanks!

A. From tip to tip when held straight out (incliuding the cable) are they 40cm or 16" long? If so, they may feel short but they are too big for socks. I have never seen a circular needle small enough for socks. From tip to tip, including the cable part, it would have to be no more than about 7" or 8" (about 19cm to 20cm) long. They just don't make those because they would be so awkward to use.

Any pattern works for any needles. If it's a pattern designed for double-pointed needles you can use it on circulars, and vice versa. If you are knitting on straight needles, you have to do some minor adjusting, but you can still use the pattern.

Why is one foot of socks always missing when you do the laundry?
Q. Sometimes you never seem to find the other missing socks....If you have two of the same pair then its okay. Atleast now you have 3 socks instead of 4 socks or 2 Pairs. Sometimes you find the missing socks hiding in other clothing or on its own. It just all of a sudden shows up out of nowhere, even though you have been looking for it for months.

A. I think that the magic sock fairy comes and steals one to use as a sleeping bag.. I have no idea, but it is really ticking me off to have to go buy new socks every month or so. >(

OK, I just read the answer above mine, and would love to know who has time to actually "pin" socks together??? Not ME~ I have a fiance and 2 kids!

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