How do I treat rashes that were caused from possibly allergy to new pants material?

Q. I have these big gash like red marks on my legs and the bottom of my back, I think were caused by a 'no sweat' track pants I recently bought. Its incredibly itchy and the more I scratch obviously the worse it becomes.

I know it isnt poison ivy or anything, as it doesnt spread. It appeared shortly after I put these pants on.
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A. Try washing it a few times. Most clothing manufacturers put stiffeners in fabric to make the manufacturing process easier. You could be having a reaction to the stiffener.

If you're still having problems, ditch the pants, but look at the label and remember what fabric the pants were made from, and don't buy it again.

Treat the itchy areas with a topical hydrocortisone cream. You might also want to take an oral antihistamine like Benadryl to blunt the histamine response you seem to be having with the pants. If OTC hydrocortisone doesn't do it, you might want to talk to your doc about getting a prescription cream like Synalar.

Where to order nice black pants in 12 short online?
Q. Do you know anywhere that sells nice black pants in size 12 short online? I am having a heck of a time finding some.

A. marks and spencer have some nice ones, i wear pants from their petite line as well. the pants on the page are black petite not sure about the sizes but you should check, click on the link below.

When did you start wearing maternity pants/ shirts?
Q. I just got my first pair of pants at 12 weeks and they are sooo comfy I almost wish I would have gotten them sooner.
The shirts still look like dresses on me though.

A. With my first pregnancy I started to wear maternity clothes around 25 weeks. With this pregnancy I haven't worn maternity clothes yet and I am 23 weeks today. (That might be because I've had bad "all day" sickness since week 5)

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