I saw a commercial airline pilot's cap for sale online - is this legal?

Q. I collect hats and I saw a United Airlines pilot's cap for sale online. I seem to remember after the September 11th attacks it became illegal to buy and sell commercial airline uniforms (including caps) because they could be used by terrorists posing as airline employees. Does anyone know if this is true? I don't want to buy something illegally.

A. Once the initial purchase of the uniform is made by an airlline employee, it is their property and not required to be turned in to the company upon termination for any reason. So, it stands to reason that if any former employee can own the pieces, then it can be legally transferred to anyone who has never been in an airline's employment. It is the security badge (which must be immediately turned in upon termination) which confers the status.

Do you know of any airline in which female flight attendants wear pantsuits?
Q. Have you seen stewardesses wearing pantsuits on any airline? More often, they wear skirts or dresses with pantyhose or stockings & high heel pumps. Does wearing light colored or dark colored hose look better?

A. Yes- all the major US Airlines have multiple uniforms where an flight attendant can choose from a bunch of choices. Pantsuits, dresssuits, coatdresses. I work as a flight attendant with a major carrier and I opt to spend my uniform allowance on nothing but coastdresses, as they are the most comfortable to me, where some of my co-workers choose nothing but the pantsuits. Then you get all kinds of scarves and sweaters to mix and match. At my airline we are only allowed to wear nude colored hosiery and you have to wear them. No bare legs. But lots of smelly feet! LOL

Are the Pilots and the cabin crews uniform the same ?
Q. Do they have the same uniform ?
And a pilot job and cabin crew job are totally different and dont have anything to do with it ?

A. Different uniform altogether, if you're talking about the MAJOR airlines (been to airport way too many times to look at the crew and pilots).

Pilot and cockpit crew usually have white shirt and black military-look suits with stripes on the sleeves (silver or gold, depending on company standard). And they almost always wear a pilot's hat, with necktie. Female pilots may do the same, or use the civilian equivalent of the military female uniform (remember Jessica Biel's character in Stealth? Her uniform at the end on the carrier).

Picture of a male pilot's uniform (and his plane)

Cabin crew wears company colors. Female attendants usually have very feminine dresses (esp. Singapore airlines!) while male attendants wear white shirt with a sportscoat of company colors.

Cabin crew of Swiss Airline

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