Where could i be able to find mens footy pajamas?

Q. Mens footy pajamas witht the flap in the back under $50. please help!

A. there are several sites out there .. the URL is just one .. so you might want to shop around...

websites where i can get customized footed pajamas for my boyfriend?
Q. where can i customize my own adult footy pajamas, like put someones face all over them? My boyfriend wants them for our anniversary.

A. If you look for tshirt printers they will be able to do this for you. Do a yahoo local search.

What do you dress your baby to sleep in?
Q. He is almost two weeks old. I put him in a onesie with footy pajamas over this or a swaddle. They told me at the hospital that he didn't need to wear a hat.

A. When my daughter was that age I usually just put her in footed pjs and lightly swaddled her. I didn't usually put a hat on her. Your son may be too hot with the onesie on underneath. I would think just the pjs would be fine unless it's really cold.
My daughter is 15 months now and I put her in a long sleeve onesie with a sleeveless sleep sack over top. That usually is perfect unless it gets really cold at night. In the summer time I put her in one piece pjs but non footed.

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