How can I turn my wedding dress into a creative keepsake?

Q. I'm looking to create a beautiful keepsake out of my wedding dress. Does anyone have any good ideas, or patterns? I've thought about maybe a pillow, but that seems a little common.
Please help.

A. I've seen photos of wedding dress quilts, and they're lovely. Unfortunately, they aren't washable. Do a web search to see some samples.

How much to sell my wedding dress for?
Q. I am selling my wedding dress. How do I determine how much to sell my dress for?

A. Well, really, it depends on what kind of dress it is, (how fancy), and what kind of condition it's in. I think you should sell an average wedding dress that is in good condition, a little under what you bought it for. I would say same price, but since you wore know.

What season is appropriate to wear a red wedding dress?
Q. My friend is getting married and wants to wear a red wedding dress. Since I had a Christmas wedding, I had also had a red wedding dress. But her plan was to get married in March. I think it's great either way, but I was just wondering if it there was a rule as to what colors to wear for what season or if those rules even matter anymore?

A. It really doesn't matter. The only time I could see it clashing is if you had an outdoor wedding in the fall. Don't let her spend too much time worrying about what is or isn't acceptable for her wedding. In this day and age people are changing everything they can about weddings, so what colors go with what season and what color your wedding dress is doesn't matter. As long as the wedding is a reflection of her and her husband and she doesn't look back thinking "if only I did that"

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