What food do you prepare for your baby 6 months?

Q. Mybaby is 6 months i start preparing him food from vegetables and fruits ut e doesn't like a lot to eat with the spoon, start with the food 10 days before being 6 months,the people told if you would start to feed your baby at 4 months it will eat a lot with spoon.
What do you prepare for your baby 6 months?
At what month did you start feeding your baby with spoon?

A. You can start a baby on solid food at age 4 months but I wouldn't start them until 6 months, I would start on pumpkin, potato, sweet potato and if baby doesn't take to it try putting some milk (breast, formula, cows) in this should get baby to eat.

What's the best way to treat exzema on your babies (17 months) skin?
Q. What's the best way to treat exzema on your babies (17 months) skin?
Doctor says Vaseline, we used good old lotion when I was younger, anything new out there?

A. I have a toddler with eczema. The doctor told me to use hydrocortizone cream.
I found something that worked much, much better then that.

Eucerin is the brand of lotion. Its called Aquaphor.
This stuff cleared her up in 2 days! I bought a big tub of it and I lotion her up after baths.

Works wonders!!!

Had a baby 2 months ago and just started my period again. When should I start taking birth control?
Q. I'm 21 years old and I just recently had a baby 2 months ago. I just started my period this morning and it's REALLY heavy so far. I decided that I should get on birth control. My doctor gave me pills and then wrote a prescription for more when I need them. I read that I shouldn't start taking the birth control pill until the Sunday AFTER I have my period. Today is Thursday, so do I start taking the pills THIS Sunday or NEXT Sunday?

A. you need to ask your doctor on you next visit. i wouldnt recomment asking anyone on this site.

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