What is your favorite style of underwear?

Q. What is your favorite style of underwear to wear? Looking for answers from either gender.

A. on me, boxer briefs

on ladies? satin panties...sets....

no thongs....

"I hate to floss"

What are good styles of underwear for big butts?
Q. I have a big butt, but my hips go in really fast, so a waist/hip size above medium just falls down, do you know any styles of underwear that could cover my butt without being too big?

A. Thongs won't cover but are essentially the best type of panties for a big butt. Boy shorts work as well. That's all I wear and not only do they accentuate my butt, I never have panty lines either.

Where can I buy old style thermal underwear for a male adult?
Q. I need to get old style thermal underwear. Where can I get this? It's not Under Armor or anything like that, it has to have that ribbing or whatever. I'm not really sure what it is, it was just called old style.

Please provide store name or website. Thank you.

A. i have found that military surplus thermals are about the nest you can buy. especially the pants with the stirrups to keep them from riding up. so you might try an army surplus store.

if you are looking for a "union suit" which is the one piece with the trap door in the back, you can buy those at walmart or any outdoors outfitter.

look closely, many of the new thermals still have that same material on one side, but they sew a cotton knit material to the other side. so you may have seen them and just didnt look close enough to see the material you area talking about.

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