Where can I buy women's shoes for large sizes in Melbourne?

Q. I have about a size 12 in women's shoes, which I think is 43 in European sizes. I really need to buy black formal shoes (preferrably without high heels) for my school formal in less than a month. But I cannot find shoes anywhere. All stores have up to size 10, if that.
Preferrably a store in Melbourne please.

A. Check here:
You will find what you like!
Good luck!

I need american clothing and shoe sizes turned into European sizes?
Q. I need the followin sizes in European sizes:
Woman Shoes: 7
Kids clothing: 6, 7 and an M
Men's clothing: XL

A. Woman shoes usa 7 = size 37 in Europian size.
Kids clthing: 6, 7 are the same as usa size or in S sizes there.
Clothing M usa = L in Europe
men's XL usa = XXXL in Europe, sorry kind hard to find that XXXL in Europe.
Good Luck !

What is 38 European size in US women size?
Q. I'm about to order a dress online, and trying to figure out what my size in US women size. So I'm 38 in European women size( in Turkey size actually) and I remember one dress of 6 in American size had fit me well. But the conversion shows 6 in American size is 40 in European size. If that would be helpful my bust is 88 cm(34.6inches). Thank you!

A. Reference: Size Conversion Chart

hope it helped

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