How should you dress to try on wedding gowns and also how should you do your hair and makeup?

Q. I am going gown shopping and have a hair appointment before. Should I get my makeup done? Also what gowns might you suggest at David's bridals?

A. 1] Start at the top:
1] hair - are you wearing it up or down for the wedding? Straight or curly? Wear it that way when you shop for gown and headpiece.
2] makeup - no, don't get it 'done'. You have enough to worry about, besides smearing your makeup trying on dresses.
Wear your everday minimum - they will ask you to blot of lipstick etc. anyway.
3] wear a:
a] strapless bra - more neckline options
b] pantyhose
c] heels the height you want for wedding [ and closed or open toe ]
4] try on all the diiferent shades - white, ivory, off white; all different necklines, all different skirts, sleeves, waists.
Bring someone to help/take notes [ 'ooh, i like the neck, but not the sleeves'- illusion neck yes, bell sleeves no recorded in yes and no columns. ]
Then sales lady can help you find a gown with all the features you want.
Also bring one of your attendents to pick out their gowns, after you record all body types of your bridesmaids [ pear shaped, plus sized, petite, boy shaped, busty ].

Where can I find a nice bridesmaid dress for a Jewish wedding?
Q. I'm going to be a bridesmaid in my friends wedding. She is Jewish, so it needs to have 3/4 length sleeves and has to be below the knee. I haven't been able to find any that aren't totally ugly and frumpy. Are there any sites that cater specifically to Jewish wedding attire?

A. Try here:
They also have some formal-wear dressy suits:

Or Google " tsnius bridesmaid "
Tsnius means "modesty" in Ashkenazic Hebrew.

Where can i find a short prom dress with short sleeves?
Q. I am going to have a prom in a month. I dont like to show off my shoulders for some reason and i want a pretty dress with sleeves but i dont know where to find the perfect one? do u know a website that can help me?

A. Here are some with short sleeves, and there are others on TJ Formal too.

A pretty ball gown:

Kinda funky in sequins:

Short dress:

Long satin:

Plus size chiffon;

Plus size taffeta:

Best of luck!

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