Where can I find a nice plus size dress for around 50 dollars?

Q. My boyfriend is going to take me out for dinner and dancing and I want a beautiful dress for that night. I don't have a lot of cash, but I can spend around 50-75 dollars and I really want to look nice for him. Please give me some places to search. I need to know in the next week.

Thanks :)

PS: it can be a ball gown, cocktail dress, etc. As long as it's cheap.

A. http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Apparel/Dresses.jsp

What is the difference between a ballroom and a cupcake prom dress?
Q. After my friend bought her prom dress, I thought of what kind of dress I should wear for prom.
There are many styles but the ones that catch my eyes are the ballroom gowns and the long cupcake dresses. I would like to know what are the differences between the two styles.

I would also like to know the price range for these kind of dresses in Canada, also I'm in the plus sizes.

A. I've never seen a long cupcake dress but i've always seen the short cocktail-like ones. Unless you're talking about the mermaid-style dresses... Either way go with a gorgeous ball gown especially if your plus sized they look great on curvier women

What kind of cover up or maybe jacket should I wear with my new red satin cocktail dress?
Q. I will be wearing nude hose and black pat. leather baby jane heels. It is a evening dinner event that I one point I may have to leave the cover-up on for alittle while so it needs to be tastful. I am a small plus size and a young 50 yr old. Any help would be grateful.
I live in Virginia Beach and it will be around 45 degrees.

A. A black bolero jacket in satin or short faux fur would be nice.

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