Pros and Cons of Lower Back Tattoos

Women have a variety of reasons for getting tattoos, and the latest trend has found many women inspired to get tattoos on their lower back. Generally, these tattoos are either just below or slightly above the waistline, and it's become quite popular because of fashion trends with cropped tops and low cut jeans to display the work of art. There is obviously a lot of room for the custom tattoo artist to work, but one thing that needs to be considered before ever deciding on a tattoo in this area is what are the pros and cons of such tattoos, and then determine the best route.

Pros of Lower Back Tattoos

One of the biggest advantages for getting a tattoo on the lower back is that it's generally hidden by clothing - which is a great benefit for a woman working for an employer who doesn't allow visible tattoos on employees. It's hidden by day and comes out by night. Many people find tattoos in this area quite alluring and erotic, as well as it says the lady is adventurous, sensual, and sexy at the same time.

Another great reason for having a custom designed tattoo on this area is that it doesn't tend to sag and stretch with age, and this region rarely changes when people gain and lose weight. For most people the integrity of the design is maintained in this part of the back and it rarely changes.

Finally, there are some remarkable designs that can be created by tattoo designers that fit beautifully across this area; and with such a large area to work with, the area is conducive to some exceptional designs

Cons of Lower Back Tattoos

Most people think that the joy in having a tattoo is being able to "SEE" the tattoo. One of the main disadvantages of having one on the lower back is that the owner of the tattoo can never see ii without a mirror. So for those who want to admire the beautiful work of the tattoo artist, get it someplace other than the lower back.

Another disadvantage of lower back tattoos is that because of their location they are more scratches and scrapes from the constant friction of the clothes rubbing against the skin - particularly when it's healing.

One last problem with these lower back designs is that they have become so popular with young women, that they are not as unique as they were a few years ago. When everyone has them, the design has to really be a major eye-catcher and pop before anyone really notices the design. When there are hundred on the beach above the bikini bottoms, it's rare that any catch someone's attention.

Lots of Options

When people want to really have a large space for the tattoo designer to work, there are lots of options for some great designs on the lower back. Regardless of the personal reason for getting the tattoo to begin with, just remember to consider what are the pros and cons of lower back tattoos before ever deciding to get the ink started.

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